Monday, August 30, 2010

Sputnik, Sculptures, Space, Shape

They usually have Sputnik style (really they are starburst) shaped plastic ornaments all the time on eBay, but when I saw these two with the atomic molecule particle balls at the ends of the spikes, had to have them.

Rather than hang them on a Christmas tree, I will hang these from filament from the ceiling here in the space room.

Interesting, wish I had 2 dozen of these lol..

When it comes to bedrooms, I'm all about them looking very sophisticated. Not "frilly", but slick and hinting at an "adult" style to them. That's how I have my art Studio, and I always loved the feel of it.

So when I was saw these vintage sculptures, I thought they would look great in the master bedroom. Not too overt, just the right shape and style for mid-century (and these really are vintage, unlike my Pier One Import heads I got recently lol).

Cost was good.

When you find a couple detail items at $2, for $2.50 s/h hey, hard to pass up, right?

OK, feel free to say "WTF?!" More of my under $10 (this was $0.99 cents) handthrown mid-century pottery.

Very unique shape to this one, and it will fit with all the others I have collected.

I've been passing up on a huge amount of things on eBay lately. I'm shopped out to be honest.

And this week I must get the living room pulled back in order once again. Because it's such a large room, a lot of "stuff" heading out the door or in the Studio gets put in there. Not very exciting stuff!

The end of summer, Labor Day is this weekend, and I couldn't be happier about that. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Any special plans this weekend?

Happy Monday!