Monday, August 30, 2010

Sputnik, Sculptures, Space, Shape

They usually have Sputnik style (really they are starburst) shaped plastic ornaments all the time on eBay, but when I saw these two with the atomic molecule particle balls at the ends of the spikes, had to have them.

Rather than hang them on a Christmas tree, I will hang these from filament from the ceiling here in the space room.

Interesting, wish I had 2 dozen of these lol..

When it comes to bedrooms, I'm all about them looking very sophisticated. Not "frilly", but slick and hinting at an "adult" style to them. That's how I have my art Studio, and I always loved the feel of it.

So when I was saw these vintage sculptures, I thought they would look great in the master bedroom. Not too overt, just the right shape and style for mid-century (and these really are vintage, unlike my Pier One Import heads I got recently lol).

Cost was good.

When you find a couple detail items at $2, for $2.50 s/h hey, hard to pass up, right?

OK, feel free to say "WTF?!" More of my under $10 (this was $0.99 cents) handthrown mid-century pottery.

Very unique shape to this one, and it will fit with all the others I have collected.

I've been passing up on a huge amount of things on eBay lately. I'm shopped out to be honest.

And this week I must get the living room pulled back in order once again. Because it's such a large room, a lot of "stuff" heading out the door or in the Studio gets put in there. Not very exciting stuff!

The end of summer, Labor Day is this weekend, and I couldn't be happier about that. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Any special plans this weekend?

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh I LOVE those sputnik thingys!! I'd want them bigger though so they could just be like ornaments on a sideboard. Or up in my kitchen display :)

    Sorry but yep, I'm WTF at you for the yellow thing, but I can see that it'd fit nicely into your collection and give it more colour.

  2. I ADORE the yellow vase. Just my sort of thing!

  3. Me too, Kitty, me too! I wish I could find bigger ones. One day I will make my own large Sputnik model to hang from my ceiling.

    lol yeah, the vase is either a "I love it" or "I hate it" deal.

    Thanks Pixie, I love the shape, and I know this kind of glaze was popular in the 60's, because I have a couple other things painted with the same glaze. Soooo, she's an authentic mid-century piece. =)

  4. I want some of those ornaments too! Very cool.
    I like the organic shape to your sculptures and the life mags are a bargain.

    The pottery piece (as you can imagine) is not my kind of thing but I can see why you like it (and the 'feet' look a bit like rocket jets).

    I quite like liking things other people don't. Not only does it make me feel individual but it also keeps the prices down. ;)

  5. Those sculptures are amazing. Is that a glass top table they're resting on? You found them on ebay? I love the vase as well. Cool sputniks. I'd hang them year around too. Have you posted any photos of the rest of the room? It sounds very interesting...sleepy sleek as opposed to shabby chic?

  6. MoonDoggie, you have given me a new respect for all things late 1960's-early 70's. =D I think it very wise to collect that era stuff now while prices are still low, and I agree, it's great to collect stuff no one else does. =)

    MCM the master bedroom is not ready for showing yet, but am working towards it. I can't wait to get to the decorating part!

  7. Sleepy Sleek, love it!!

    Sexy Sleek, something that appeals to men more than women. Hey, you never know what man you might want to show the house off to, and nothing kills the romance off quicker than shabby chic and pink fuzzy toilet seat covers ;)

  8. Hahahahahaha, pink fuzzy toilet seats and shabby chic. I CAN'T STAND that look. I don't mean to offend those that do, but it's just not for me! I love the masuline vibe that atomic mid century modern channels, and like you, I collect it because of that. Hell, I love a nice tuxedo and smoking a stogy too... ;)

    Those sculptures are beautiful. Very billowy, yet not so.

    Hugs and love, my favorite mid century girl.

    From another mid century girl!

  9. Oh, and I just had a brainstorm with the wicked cool sputnik things... Could you make a mobile out of them?

  10. lol! Hey I love shabby chic, even tried it myself, but while I love the look of it, I just could not LIVE with it!

    For a girl or young lady I think it's fine, but a grown up women like me? Nah, too frilly, and like I said, it's a fast way to kill a man's desire lolol......

    I have a few tuxedo and top hat things in the master bedroom as well. A very nice mix of sexy modern style. =)

    Yes! A mobile is a great idea! I missed the bid on some very cool 1960's air plane models I was going to use here in the space room as a mobile waaaa lol..

    (((Hugs))) back at'cha Darlene. =D

  11. All you need is fishing wire, and something to which to affix them (with sputnik things toed to it).

    Yay! I didn't offend about the shabby chic thing. It's okay. Some of it is pretty. Just too many breakables and I am a bull in a china closet, apparently. Glass and I have a love/hate relationship...

    :) Thank you for the hugs. I don't feel very well, so I really, really need that right now.

  12. That's sputnik things tIed to it... sheesh...

  13. I knew whatchoo meant. =) I'd love to add a couple small rockets and such and make a whole mobile, so I have my eye out for things to add to the mobile.

    There is this amazing Antique Mall around here... The booths and whole place are very, very nice. They have a small sitting area with a water fountain, coffee, snacks. A lot of antique/shabby chic styled booths.

    I adore the place, tho very expensive, it's a lovely place to go and shop and feel very feminine.

    But at home, I didn't want all that lace and chippy white and stacks of old books and "stuff" to dust off all the time.

    Like I said, tried it, just couldn't live in it.

  14. I like your pot, love the sputnik ornaments. Looks like if one was inclined they could get crafty and make some similar out of nails, that epoxy clay and some spray paint. You can have a whole atomic reactor. But...isn't it Labor Day not Memorial Day this weekend?

  15. Great idea, Bungalow Bill!

    Oops, and I was just talking to a friend who reminded me it was Labor Day not Memorial Day *blushes*

    That's what I get for working while blogging lol...

  16. Those ornaments are cool!

    Gosh, hubby would love looking through those LIFE magazines.

  17. Hey thought you might like this blog it's owned by artist Bill Blair and he has an awesome collection of paint by #'s which he then tells a story about. strange made up stories....anyways site address...

  18. yes, did the Shabby Chic, too. Maybe in the bedroom ...but I always seem to go back to the MCM, fifties...I found some sputnik ornaments, but not that cool. I want them for my aluminum tree! Zootsuitmama

  19. I see the Sputnik ornaments all the time on ebay...of course, when you want them, they're never there.

    Cool stuff Maynard...I'm broke for a while, so I'm envious!