Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Of The eBay Purchases I Love

I realized I dwelled on the negative eBay purchases in my other post, so I wanted to do a follow up on GOOD eBay purchases, because I have had many!

Some things are still very much thrown together as my house is still not "put together" but...

The red rose photo album is more 1940's but I love it.

Bad pic, but I love my starburst clocks and matching sconces. These will go in the living room.

I bought everything but Buddha from eBay: The atomic tripod ashtrays, the two Sputnik barometers, and the lily pad shaped glass plate looks amazing with the lotus flower and Buddha I got at a Thrift.

LOVE my 1950's pink General Electric phone! Had one exactly like this as a kid.

I do love most all my handmade pottery.

These I adore. That's my 3 year old hand print in front. How many of you still have yours?

OK, so this is the lamp with the chipped base and the fake Eames sculptures, but I do LOVE them regardless, and the lamp. And the atomic starburst finial I got a while ago. These are also some of the vintage plastic, yes plastic curtains I bought on eBay really cheap one day. They are temporary until I can get my barkcloth curtains up, but the windows are huge, so that will take some combining with other curtains as I can't find enough matching atomic curtains to go around the whole room

Another atomic tripod ashtray.

This is not exactly as vintage as mid-century, but I love it! Atomic/space/solar system sculpture.

I love this! I had been shopping for one of these atomic particle bobber spray things for ages, and finally found one in the right colors.

I LOVE my matching atomic particle feet chairs and the footstool DOES look good with one of them.

This is my favorite atomic tripod ashtray. You can find some really inexpensive cool ashtrays on eBay. Not for ashes anymore lol...

This pink cone lamp, love, love. I DO love my Fallout Shelter sign too, even with the slightly dinged edge,

LOVE this lamp, got it for a steal. Will have to change the shade and use the purple shade somewhere else, but love this lamp!

Another shot of the super cheap and VERY handy plastic mid-century curtains! I took them out of the package and hung them right up.

LOVE these enamel drink coasters. Beautiful! And my double boomerang table! Wow! That's going to be the focus of the room!

I do love my atomic particle magazine rack (even tho it was painted black over gold). The mags lie nice and flat, and I love my atomic bomb books too!

More of these handthrown pottery vases, some of these were Moms.

And more plastic curtains along with one of the matching bar stools I got with the white chairs.

Soooo there ARE some wonderful things on eBay! You can't beat the selection, and prices are not as bad as the antique malls around here. Not by a long shot!

I bet you have found a lot of wonderful things on eBay too, haven't you? =)