Thursday, August 5, 2010

So, I Got These As Advertised as "1960 Eames Era Sculptures" And...

I posted about these before HERE, and asked you all if you thought these really were 1960 Eames era, or if you thought they were new.

Seller advertised them as:


A mid century set of sculptural minimalist heads on metal rods set into wood bases. A set of three. The heads are of a lightweight wood with layers of irridescent paint treatment square-like shapes molded/carved/grooved into three stylized geometric heads. The back of them are black. These are not mint. They have seen some wear. A couple of dents to the heads, minor. Some cracking of the base mount paint, and minor dents to 1-2 of the heads, yet they still have that wonderful mid century look and feel. Also the tallest piece allows the head to come off, which will allow a smaller shipping box and when your get it, just add a drop of all purpose glue to secure the head back onto the post. These are from my personal collection of mid century treasures and I will pack them well for you.

As I unpacked them, there were a few plastic peanuts literally "sticking" to the top of the heads, which indicated to me: new paint.

Something that has been displayed for 50 years, will have built up dust over time, and there would be NO "tackiness" to the paint.

They each had a sort of "pad" on the bottom of the bases to protect furniture, and of two out of 3 of these had NO dust/wear what so ever.

One does have what looks like chipping, then painted over on the base, but it all looks so new, as if it was chipping and painting done at the time of manufacture, and every indication these are...

Brand new, or nearly so.

The material used to make the heads are very lightweight, again, feels like a newer material, not older, which would be of a carved wood or some such material. These feel light as air and almost like a composite material.

While I have to say, I do LOVE these, they really look nice, I bid and paid for something advertised as: "1960 Eames Era from my own personal collection" and priced/bid as such, NOT something that looks like what one blogger response said, something purchased from Pier One a few years ago. =( If advertised as IKEA, I bet they would have sold for $5...

I emailed the seller to ask what indicates these are from 1960. We shall see. I really do love these, they look great in my living room, the size and colors are amazing, but after collecting/buying/selling vintage for decades, you just "know" when something is not vintage. =( And I bid according to the information provided: 1960 items.

Ahh just seems like things have not been going 1950's Atomic Ranch House ladies way lately... *sigh*