Friday, August 6, 2010

So How Is Every Body Doing? Vent Friday

I have no clue why these kids are laying on these steps. Maybe they are rolling down the stars. Maybe Mom thought it would be a funny photo. Who knows?

So how are all my blog friends doing today?

Chris, my 1950's Atomic Ranch Cat is off his food and acting crabby the past day. =( No fever, but he refuses to eat. Gosh I hurt when my pets are sick. What to do? I tend to put off taking them to the vet because of the stress and the fact there are always a bunch of unruly dogs in the waiting room, but here it is Friday, so I'd better get him in today or tomorrow as they are only open a half day on Saturday, not on Sunday.
I've not had great experiences with vets around here, I worry about my pet being in their care. =(

The cruddy seller did finally offer me a refund, BUT I'd have to mail it back at MY expense with a delivery confirmation.

Why must buyers be out any money because of bad sellers?

I do like the sculptures, I didn't pay a terribly high amount for them, but I was deceived, no doubt about it.

Keep them and give her a negative?

Thank you all for your responses. We feel helpless when this happens, don't we? So it sure helps to have your support over these matters.

OK, looks like a "Vent Friday", so feel free to list your gripe here!


  1. I had a great Friday, thanks, working on furniture, and will blog about it tomorrow. Neg the bugger! It always annoys me though that ebay give so little space for comments when you have a lot to say. I'm off to bed now, I have a 4am start at the garage sales tomorrow!

  2. oooh really can I vent?!

    Finally on day 3 attempting to put up a cabinet I had to give up and ask a friend which I really didn't want to but it's up. Just now I just attempted to put the fixings up for the blind & can I do it? Nope I can't and I don't know why. I'm sick to the back teeth of projects I can't do this week it's made me feel useless.

    Thankfully I do drink, so I will be partaking of a glass or two of wine tonight to try to forget he he!

  3. I'd give her a neutral. She did offer a refund and while obviously, she's a bit of a knob, I do have to say that you probably shouldn't go into buying things off Ebay just because someone else says they are 60s.
    If YOU don't know and can't tell from photos, don't buy it offline. As you've experienced it seems, numerous times, not everyone knows everything about what they are selling...though in an ideal world they would. Ebay is not going to be an ideal world anytime soon. You're better off saving your cash until you find something you KNOW is genuine or better yet, you find something in your own neighbourhood.

  4. Can I sell a rock on ebay and call it a moon rock? and then go back later and tell the person that bought it that i called it that because it reminds me of rocks on the moon? Nope.
    I would tell her she can pay for the shipping herself, or she can get negative feedback for falsely representing items. Then i would just re-sell it to get some of the money back.

  5. I agree with Keith!

    Got nothing to vent about really other than it appears our summer may be over already!

  6. Lol Keith! No venting here--of course you know where I'm off to ... Have a great weekend and stay away from eBay. Hahahahaha!!

  7. I do know my vintage. I've been buying and selling for decades. ;)

    Knowing the era something comes from has always been a big deal for me. I know the 40's from the 50's from the 60's and so on...

    But there are SOME things we can't really judge, until we hold them in our hands.

    If the seller had said: "Looks to be from 1960 but I'm not sure" or "Has the style of 1960" then it would have been honest.

    But to say "1960 Eames FROM MY OWN PERSONAL COLLECTION" implies this person is a collector of such things. Which was pure BS.

    And indicating "wear" by a couple dings and chipped paint, implied age.

    Not the case. Crap made in India gets dings when shipped new to America.

    She was mellow about it, I was upset about it, but a fraud or deception is a fraud or deception, this should not be "my" fault just because I could not hold it in my hands to see if she was lying or not.

    On the fence about the feedback. Even though she offered me a refund, she lied in the description.

  8. I would tell her to refund at her expense or garner a negative. This was UP AND UP straight misrepresentation.

    These kind of sellers must learn HARD from their indiscretions. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

  9. Yep, I think a neg is in order. I want to wait until I can state my experience calmly, even though I feel like blasting her lol...

  10. Just post "Just because your parents had something similar doesn't make it vintage. Thx 4 nothing".

  11. LOL!! You make me laugh lol..................

  12. How about "Deception abounds. It's not MCM just cuz u want it to be. Buyer Beware!"

  13. Wow, I should have you write these for me. =D

  14. I reckon you should ask for a partial refund - if you like the items and you didn't pay all that much for them it's probably not worth the cost of returning them, but since the inaccurate listing led you to bid on something you may otherwise have passed over, I think it's fair to request a partial refund.

    Can I add a vent about the crappy British weather? It's August and today I wore an overcoat. Bleh.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  15. Fun post, happy I found my way to your blog!


  16. I think you should tell the seller to pay the return shipping! It's not your fault and you shouldn't have to pay!

    I agree with Keith-lol!

  17. I'm having a super lousy rental company somehow lost my rent and I'm having a mini meltdown. Just more drama to deal with...

    And I agree with Keith's comment above.

  18. My hubby is having a breakdown because no one reads his writing, though it's published and available. I don't have time to advertise for him, because he really really needs someone to show they believe in him and his art (beyond his measly wife). So none too happy in darlene land.

    I would thank the seller for the refund and leave a neutral. I think she's trying to make amends. Although, you're right, she should send it on her dime.

    What is with peeps these days?

    Hiya Miss A. I am just trying to stay sane.

  19. Sorry to hear about Chris - hope he feels better soon.

    I also don't think you should pay the return postage as the items were misrepresented.

    Started to leave a long winded comment about my own ebay gripe but decided it'd be better to post to my blog:

    I'm keen to know people's thoughts about the matter.

  20. Oh dear it looks like only me and Darlene ranted he he! BTW update cupboard is up, neighbour helped & I even put up my blinds too :o)

  21. ok, I'll rant! After a couple of really sucky weeks at work in which EGOs were running rampant in administration (and...everyone seems to be nervous since our facility was sold to some NAZIs! lol) my car is broke. The CV boot, and possibly more broke three or so blocks from home, and the tow alone was sixty dollars,(I could have spent on something much more fun). Zootsuitmama

  22. Hope Chris is better soon, give him hugs for me! I know it's hard when you are unsure of the vet, but I would take him there to get checked. Poor kitty, hope he feels better soon!

    I don't have much to rant about thankfully :O)

  23. Thanks everyone and I'm sorry for all your rants too! waaa I wish I had a magic wand for all of us.

    If you don't have a rant, please feel lucky lol...

    Also, thanks for the mention of my cat Chris.

    Chris is not doing well, it's touch and go, yesterday was terrible. The trip to the vet was a huge ordeal for him, poor guy. =( The vet has no clue what's wrong after a bunch of tests...

    He's still not eating or drinking, so I am having to give him water by syringe. =( I will try feeding him something soon. He HAS to eat, has to keep up his strength.

    He's my true Buddy. No cat, and I have had so many wonderful pet friends over the years, has been such a true-blue Buddy to me. He sticks to me and follows me around like a little dog. And when he looks into my eyes, I have never seen such love.

    Please say a little prayer or thought for him. I'm telling him to fight hard. =(