Friday, August 6, 2010

So How Is Every Body Doing? Vent Friday

I have no clue why these kids are laying on these steps. Maybe they are rolling down the stars. Maybe Mom thought it would be a funny photo. Who knows?

So how are all my blog friends doing today?

Chris, my 1950's Atomic Ranch Cat is off his food and acting crabby the past day. =( No fever, but he refuses to eat. Gosh I hurt when my pets are sick. What to do? I tend to put off taking them to the vet because of the stress and the fact there are always a bunch of unruly dogs in the waiting room, but here it is Friday, so I'd better get him in today or tomorrow as they are only open a half day on Saturday, not on Sunday.
I've not had great experiences with vets around here, I worry about my pet being in their care. =(

The cruddy seller did finally offer me a refund, BUT I'd have to mail it back at MY expense with a delivery confirmation.

Why must buyers be out any money because of bad sellers?

I do like the sculptures, I didn't pay a terribly high amount for them, but I was deceived, no doubt about it.

Keep them and give her a negative?

Thank you all for your responses. We feel helpless when this happens, don't we? So it sure helps to have your support over these matters.

OK, looks like a "Vent Friday", so feel free to list your gripe here!