Thursday, August 5, 2010

Response From eBay Seller "girlstate" About The Scam Auction

My email to her:

Dear girlestate,

Hi and thanks for the careful shipping.

I have a question.

You state in your auction: "1960 SCULPTURES MINIMALIST STYLIIZED HEADS
These are from my personal collection of mid century treasures"

What indicates to you, that these are from approx 1960? Because I have to say, I bid based on the above information that these were 1960's, and I have 35+ years buying/selling/collecting experience, these have every indication of being something virtually brand new save for the little bit of chipped paint on one base, which looks new too. But I will reserve judgment until I hear from you. Perhaps you can let me know why these were advertised as "1960's Eames Era" Thanks.

Her rather cryptic response:

Hi, I based my description on my living in that era and the decor my parents friends had. I'm glad they arrived safely. Thanks again~girlestate

Sooo, what would you do? Give her a neg? Email her a note disputing it with no real solution because she isn't admitting anything?

These are not "1960s Eames" , and yes, I lived through that era as well.


My response:

Dear girlestate,

Hmm, well... That didn't give me any confident information at all that these really ARE "Eames 1960".

I grew up in the era too, but I can tell a modern IKEA or Pier One Import piece from a 1960's item/sculpture when I hold it in my hands:

When I feel the 'tackiness' of new paint, and the light-as-air modern composite material used to make these modern pieces, the complete lack of any wear to the bottom pads.

And I bid based on how you represented these items as, which is, based on my 35 years experience of buying and selling vintage, your misleading info. Because these are not from 1960. ;)

But, I suppose my only recourse is to leave truthful, honest feedback, huh? =)

All my mid-century blogger collectors have been hearing about this too. I'm sure you won't mind that I mentioned this deal on the internet along with your seller ID too, do you? Mid-Century and vintage collectors are a tight-knit group of good people. We watch out for each other. =)

Thanks again. =D

Wonder what she will say? lol... Not much, I can guess.

So whatever you do, avoid buying from eBay seller girlstate or take your chances on getting scammed like I was.