Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Parents - Photos - Memories

My Mom and Dad, goofing around in the Woolworth's photo booth, after they were engaged.

They look so happy here. I usually crop the photos, but I liked the way these looked on my Wilendur tablecloth and chenille blanket, so left them as is.

Was talking with another mid-century blogger about slowing down on the buying of wonderful mid-century goodies, and then we were at a bit of a loss as what to post about if not our purchases? Well, after having a whole laundry list of "things gone not so good" on eBay, and having bought most of the things for my house, I begin to wonder: what DO I talk about?

Mom and Dad at a Christmas party they hosted at their duplex in Washington D.C. Love that yule log cake on the table!

I realized I had photographed other relations, but stopped short of taking more photos of my parents.

I miss Mom terribly. She passed away over 4 years ago, and every day I still look at her photos and wish she were here. Dad passed away 11 years ago. Has it been that long?

For those of you who have lost a parent or parents, how do you manage?

It's an ache that never seems to go away for me.

Mom in Washington D.C. at the duplex they owned.

Here is how it looks today via google earth:

And I have so many photos of my folks, especially in their early years. How do you manage large amounts of photos? Albums? Boxes?

I want to get some frames and display some, but I have too many to frame.

Share ideas on how you deal with large amounts of photos, and what do you do to keep from being too sad when missing a loved parent or family member?