Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Mid-Century, Handmade Handthrown Pottery Vases

Much like our fellow blogger Barbara over at If I Didn't Have a Sense of Humor and her confessions of a glass bottle collector, I have already confessed I love to collect little mid-century handmade pottery.

And much like Barbara who refuses to pay more than $15 for each bottle (check out her collection by clicking on the link above), I too refuse to pay more than about $15 for my handmade pottery vases. $10 is better. $0.99 is even better yet, which is what I paid for the first vase pictured above.

But I have this secret little growing obsession with these lava glazed vases. The glaze with the pops and bubbles and ooze, which looks a lot like flowing lava.

And I picked up this adorable little blue lava glaze pot for a mere $10.

If you have a source for small, handmade by unknown and unsung artisans of little handmade pot and vases, with matt glaze (not shiny), in mostly earth tones, made between 1950 and the late 1970's priced at $10 and under, please let 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady know about them!

I'm not talking about a handprint made by a 3 year old painted neon purple, or a painted, pre-fab mug made at Pottery Barn or whatever the name of that place is, where you go to paint your own ceramics, I'm talking the old ugly, handmade, handthrown stuff.

You can check the bottom to see if it's a manufactured piece or if it's handmade, dated is best, but if it looks like it's been sitting on a shelf for 30+ years, please, let me know!

Happy Tuesday, I know I already asked this, but if you have a strange collecting obsession, for things that you REFUSE to pay more than $10, please share!