Monday, August 2, 2010

If it's Important, It Must Be A Good Place To Sleep

Chris, my 1950's Atomic Ranch House cat, is usually limited to coming in during the day, and sitting on my lap here at the computer as I work. Of course he needs his head and shoulders massaged. Lucky guy, eh?

But the master bedroom is where I have a lot of my stuff stored until I can get most of it back in the living room. So the curtains have been laid on the bed, along with my expensive Calder mobiles print tablecloth.

Now every day, Chris comes in, and checks to see if that master bedroom door is open, because he juuuust HAS to get in there. After all, I go in there alone and in secret, and keep the door closed, so it MUST be good in there, right?

Yesterday as I let him in the house, my phone rang as it often does, and my attention was turned away from him.

30 minutes later, I discovered I had left the master bedroom door open, and Chris sleeping soundly on top of my expensive barkcloth living room curtains, next to that expensive Calder mobiles table cloth.

Ahhhh, I couldn't move him, he looked so sweet.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you have opportunities to take it easy and take naps too!