Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey Darlene~~~~~~~

Just had someone try to spam my blog with a comment, and added that she's trying out for the Mad Man walk on role and to vote for her. She has a blog with just a link to her voting page.

You might try to do the same thing: Go to blogs, make a comment, and ask if they will vote for you. ;)

If it works for her... You can do the same. =)

p.s. I don't like my blog to be used for gratuitous advertising of other people's advertising or agendas.

It's simply all fun mid-century stuff here at 1950's Atomic Ranch House. =)


  1. I had someone (maybe the same one) do it twice to my blog. Love hitting the delete button on those.

  2. I never mind when people leave links to their blogs (cause I love to read new blogs) and when people leave links to their giveaways, cause giveaways are always fun but random crap like that is so annoying! Do they really think that irritating spamming will get them votes?

  3. Agree, and agree.

    I don't mind genuine sharing, would love to see move vintage and mid-century blogs.

    But spamming, even wrapped in a supposed "real" comment (used on all blogs) is just that... Spam!

  4. The only blogger who's ever linked to my blog was Barbara and of course I don't mind that. I guess I'm not "vintage-y" enough. That is SO ok, though! The only person I'm voting for is Darlene, even though I still wonder why they booted her first photo . . . That reminds me, I need to go and vote for her again!

  5. Not sure about the "linking"? Don't know what that means lol...

    But yes, let's go vote. =D

  6. I don't know either--there's that Create
    A Link thing at the bottom of our blogs and I just tried to do it and all that happened was this post appeared as a post on MY blog. Sorry, but I deleted it. So I don't know how she did it. BTW, I have a photo of the Silver Crest tidbit on my sidebar now, as well as some other cool stuff. This is NOT a mewling request for people to come to my blog, unless of course they want to actually see the tidbit. It's really pretty. I feel like you must feel every day being on the computer all the time--my husband is upstairs tearing up the condo walls trying to redirect some wiring and he wanted me to stick around just in case he electrocuted himself or fell off one of my Daystrom chairs (that he's using since we don't have a ladder. Grrrrr.). So I've been catching up on blogs I don't usually get a chance to read. Now he's off to the Tiki Bar for a few libations . . .

  7. grrrr that broad has been spamming everyone!Including my etsy shop with her "vote for me" nonsense.

  8. Ahhh OK, now I know! I think I can remove that "link to this post" deal, maybe I should, have no idea it did what it did.

    Off to see your tidbit tray. I love them!

    Oh and yeah, I feel like a kid in a chinese factory here all the time, except they get time to sleep lolol...

  9. Some people are completely shameless, aren't they?

    It similar to your ebay experiences ... some people only think of themselves ie. they're not ashamed of ripping innocent people off, or they'll go to all sorts of lengths to promote their dumb selves!

  10. Can't stand spamming! I see a comment on my blog and for a second I feel flattered someone has actually taken a few seconds to comment on something I've written and it's something as ridiculous as that. :/

  11. I think most people know, just make a regular comment on another blog. If people are interested, they click on your name to check out your blog. Much more than that, and it sort of gets into the area of trying to "grab" people or traffic from your blog, to theirs.

    Most people realize this tho. =)

    Hey B.J. I had my blog for a year before I started to get regular posts lol...

  12. How shameless! I don't even know how you can spam an etsy shop with "vote for me" comments :/

  13. Yes, vote for Darlene! And all you others, stand aside! Zootsuitmama

  14. I had her too, the delete button was hit immediatly, I wouldn't mind if she'd been a regular or even a reader but clearly just a spammer!

  15. That happened to me, too. It was on a really old blog post, too, so it's automatically set up to need approval. It was weird.

  16. Miss Atomic!

    That's why I don't employ that tactic. I ask people who I've had regularly "face time" with to vote for me, because at least they know I'm a living, breathing, reading, writing, and caring person. Not just some dumb lame-o who desperately wants some attention. Oops, I guess if I am soliciting votes, by my own definition, I am a dumb lame-o.

    But, honest, I am real. I do care about others, so I will read up on your blogs. And I will comment.

    Hey, lady...who ever you are... if you're running in this contest, then you might take a tip and stop spamming. You are just making enemies.

    And Miss A, I am grateful to you for thinking of me. And I am also grateful to you ladies who stand behind your votes for me in this contest.


  17. Blogger are my post, Miss!

    I just want to thank you for thinking of me. And I am sorry that you've been hit by a lame-o who doesn't even care to interact with you before leaving her shite all over your blog.

    I am a real person. I read your blogs, I comment when I can... and I ask for votes. But I will not just ask for votes and dance around like an idiot. I only want an endorsement if you really believe in me and what I'm about.

    So, I won't get 150,000 votes, but what I do have, I am proud of.

    Thank you Miss A for all your thoughts and help and I really appreciate the votes, ladies. I really am real!