Friday, August 27, 2010

Cigar Box Treasures - 1950's Mini Time Capsules

I know I have done a couple posts about this, thanks to inspiration from my friend Space Commander, but I am so charmed by it.

In my folks' house, there were drawers and cabinets that stuff got put in, and were almost never touched. They were like little time capsules.

Why, I don't know, it was just their way.

Years ago, even before I knew this was important to me, something made me collect and keep these little drawer treasures. I have much more, but I put these in a cigar box.

There is something so quietly charming about little details like this, from my late family, that means the world to me now.

Be sure to start collecting little mementos from your family too, if you have not already. You won't be sorry, and they can be little things, like these.

I asked this recently as well, but...

What do you do with your loose old photos? Box them? Try to fit them in albums. I need some help, I have a lot of them!

Thanks, and Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Im glad you asked about photos! At the Casablanca we have "The Box" Which was an old cookie tin, See my grandmother has this giant Cheese shipping tin form the mid 30's and as she grew up she put pictures/ post cards/ wedding invitations/ High school comencment invitations/ reportcards just about anything in this tin and she can remeber exactly where everything was taken. Well Alzhimers runs through my family like wild fire, and I decied to do the same for the Casablanca! So we got a good sized cookie tin at first, but then we out grew that and went to a bigger tin, and NOW 3 years later and literally HUNDREDS of photos later we keep them in a green Samsonite Hatbox at the lake (hehe the hat box is an inside joke from the movie Crazy In Alabama, in which a lady keeps her husbands severed HEAD in a hat box) and when ever we all get together we'll open the box up and just look through pictures :) Haha someday I hope we have to upgrade to a Steamer trunk to hold all our pictures!

  2. Here there's boxes and boxes and suitcases packed full of photos and films from both sides of the family, passed on down as members passed on. I'm relieved that I finally went digital because there's just not enough room to store more!!

    I try my best to keep them organized the way Mom had them, her side and Dad's were placed in marked seperate boxes for example... I wish more of the shots had the names of everyone shown because now I'm left to guess about some subjects. And I've scanned some of the more important ones for extra insurance against damage... I'm sure I could spend years scanning, labelling and organizing everything!

  3. Gee Mick, what an amazing and fantastic idea! Not just gather the old stuff, but create a time capsule for when you get older, and future generations.

    Vintage suitcases are good for storing large amounts of things like you mention, and are easy to grab in an emergency.

    Hmmm, maybe that's where I should put all my photos, come to think of it. Boxed inside vintage suitcases. Actually, all smaller special things should go in suitcases. Thanks for the idea!

    And yes, I have seen "Crazy in Alabama" !

    Space Commander, I am soooooooo glad Mom sat down about 8-10 years ago and wrote out all she could remember on the backs of photos. I remember her going through all of them, and throwing out the one's that were simply meaningless shots, like photos Dad took out a plane window.

    I was glad she did, because at one time I had to move all photos and put them all in plastic bags, inside a garbage bag, and that sucker was heavy!

    This is not counting my OWN photos, just the older stuff.

    Here's the down side to digital: I had two computers crash, so I lost 99.9% of all the photos of my family in the last years of their life. Ugh. I just recently remembered my bro had backed up on disk up until maybe a year before he passed away, so I think I have some of them. It was the worst thing to lose: Not 2-3 years of work, thousands of hours of work, but the family photos. =(

    I have a back-up system now, but I didn't at the time, and bro just got a bit lazy about it.

    I'm going to try and take as many digital photos of favorite old photos as possible, which is why I post some here. =)

  4. I have an old cardboard record case that I decoupaged with some of my old photos and store the rest inside. I love decoupage. But it isn't for everyone.

    I love your little cigar box memories. It's so sweet... Good on you for getting mom to write what each photo contained. Memories don't get lost that way.

    Hugs and love, Miss A.

  5. Upload your photos to a site like Shutterfly and make a book. Give it to everyone on your Christmas list.

    Love the junk drawer in a cigar box idea.

  6. I love your post, because I think everyone has at least one drawer like this. I remember getting into drawers in my parents room and finding things that intrigued me as a child. We also had an old coffee can full of "trinkets" under the kitchen sink. Some really cool marbles were in there too. Another fun place was my mom's sewing kit. I found lots of cool buttons, old needle books etc... My very fav was the box under my grandma's bed, where she would keep empty perfume bottles, Avon lady makeup samples, and other fun girlie stuff. Our pictures are unorganized, but someday I hope to master the scrapbooking thing. Zootsuitmama

  7. My grandmother was good enough when she was growing up to keep a photo album so I have lots of photos of her (many of which I've shared on my blog). Unfortunately they are glued down and it's been difficult getting them off without tearing the photo glued to the back of the page. My dad was insane about photographing and filming us when we were growing up and a couple of years ago he put a ton of his old slides on CD's. Unfortunately #2--since the slides of ME were the oldest, a bunch of them had deteriorated and were useless. Sort of like me, ha ha. He still has a HUGE number of 8mm movies to do something with but putting slides or movies onto saveable CDs is horribly expensive. Since I don't have any kids I'm not toooo terribly concerned about not passing down photos of me, though. Finally, I like to think of my ENTIRE HOUSE as a giant cigar box full of old memories!

  8. The first thing I try to do with old photos is to gently mark on the back who they are.
    Then I pack them away. Some day I will sort them and put them in some kind of acid-free album to preserve them.

    Great idea about the time capsule cigar boxes.....I better get started on that. My Dad is 94.

  9. The one thing hubby and I inherited from both our families is old photos. Right now they are separated in boxes (his folks - pre-kids and then after kids, and my folks pre-kids and after). That helps some, as does the fact that my folks spent lots of time as we grew up going through the old photos and telling us about who was in them. Hubby's mom did some of that with us before she passed away as well, and now I am hoping to continue the tradition and share the memories with my daughter. Biggest challenge now is the "slide" phase my parents went through when we were little. I know there are ways to view them without a slide projector, I just have to figure out how (and find the time!)


  10. I love all of those little trinkets and treasures and it's such a good (and easy) idea for everyone to do. My photos are WAY out of control so I have no good advice on that one. :)