Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Etiquette

I saw a couple other blogs doing posts about blog etiquette, and since I don't have anything mid-century to post about today, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

Now I'm not a very controlling person, but I do believe in fairness and respect.

1. Comment if you want to, don't comment if you don't want to!

There are times I read another blog, I like what I read, but I cannot think of a single thing to say. I try to visit all your blogs, and comment as much as possible, but there are times I have nothing to say. =) Also, I tend to read blogs very early in the morning to catch up. At 4:00 a.m., I'm mostly incoherent anyways lol.

2. Please do not spam my blog.

Seems obvious enough. Most product spammers are auto-bots, those trying to sell grandma's coffee table will have to do it elsewhere.

3. Don't continually try to grab my viewers/readers.

It's one thing to post a link to your blog (but we all have links in our names, so it is not necessary) but please don't post links to your blog/posts that have little to nothing to do with the topic at hand, inviting readers to go read your blog. If they click on your name and go read, it's up to them, but please do not solicit them to do so here.

We all like readers and comments, but we all have to find and build our own following. Please don't try to grab mine.

4. Please no heavy religious or political commentary.

I hang out at a chat board all day long where these are discussed ad nauseum and with great intensity. I stand my own very well, I have 16+ years experience with chat board communities, I simply do not want that here.

If you'd like, I can point you in that direction. But I warn you, it's not for the thin-skinned or faint of heart. ;) I have been called every name in the book and then some, for years by some people... So that kind of nonsense does not bother me, but this is my blog, not a chat board.

5. I tend to remove blogs from my blogroll if you have not made a post in 2+ weeks.

Nothing personal, I simply like active blogs on my blogroll, and only those I personally like to read on a regular basis.

Please know, I am NOT singling anyone out. I respect all points of view, differing opinions, people of all ages, races, creed, religions, socio-economic, gender, cross gender, and whatever else I have missed. All I care about is: Are you a good person or a bad person? And do you show me the same respect I show you?

I feel kind of left out, because no one has accused me of being materialistic like others seem to get lol....

By the way, trying to make snarky comments to me only makes me laugh. Far better have tried to cut me down over the years, and I am still actively involved in those same chat communities. I do not have a thin skin. But I don't sit idle when it happens either. ;)

Thanks folks, I sure do enjoy blogging with all of you!


  1. I enjoy blogging with you! You are the first person to see anything good in me and my humble little blog. You believed in me. And for that I will ALWAYS be grateful to you. I know you're good people because I read you every time I can get on the internet. So over the past few weeks and months I've gotten to know you better.

    And the knucklehead that spammed your blog for her own selfish motive was just lame. Sorry I missed that. I would have been on that like white on rice. LOL!

    Sheesh! Is it a full moon? Lots of snarky weirdness out there lately, you notice that Miss A?

    Hugs to you and your furry family!

  2. Hey Darlene. Yeah, huge fight at the chat board I hang at the past few days. We figured it's the full moon! All kinds of snark and accusations going around, blame, crybabies and false accusations. It's hilarious!

    Fun there, but I need a break here.

    Adore your blog too, I hope you write more!

    Stay cool, it's 108F here the past few days. Ick!!

  3. Now THOSE are rules I can live by. I tend to remove blogs from my roll if they go dead for a few weeks. I tend to "unfollow" them as well.

    I don't expect everyone who reads me to comment. I mean, I'd love it, but hey, people are busy.

    I figure if someone likes a comment I've made, they'll click on my name and see if I have a blog. I hate when someone says "gee, I posted about that three years ago here" and posts their blog.

    The one thing that I hate people complaining about is pictures. Unless you've watermarked your pic, or it's obviously YOURS, it's out on the internet and free for the taking. I sometimes find pictures of ads, post them and then hear "that's MINE"! Well, you may have posted it on your blog, but an ad technically isn't YOURS. I try to credit blogs when I specifically remember where I got something, but jeez!

    Okay, off my soapbox.

    I like your blog a lot - and you don't take much seriously...I appreciate that!

  4. Hiya Barbara, I do watermark my families photos, but pics I take? Eh, it's just the "stuff" I buy lol... Maybe I should...

    As for those I have grabbed off the internet, IF the copyright owner contacts me, and asks nicely or proves they OWN the rights, be happy to remove it. I am not using any photos for financial remuneration, nor am I libeling anyone with them, so I don't see a big problem with that.

    I've not had the "Hey *I* posted that!" deal, and if they post a link to the same thing, it's still on topic, so I am fine with that.

    It's the few who are here to try and grab my readers to go to their blog that tends to annoy me. I am sure they would not like me advertising my blog to their readers on their blog, asking them to come read MY latest post, which is unrelated to the post at the time. That's soliciting, or stealing viewers/readers, and I won't tolerate that any more. Damn I hate to spell it out, I know there will be those who are offended, but common courtesy should prevail!

    By the way, never allow words on a screen from a complete stranger to hurt you. The only people whose words hurt, are those of my friends and people I respect. ;)

  5. I suggest that if someone posts their blog on your blog, go to their blog and post your blog.

    Wow, that's hard to say!

    I don't mind if they say "hey, I posted that", but then they get mad that I didn't credit them and leave that message on my board. That, I don't like.

  6. Blog etiquette has to be the easiest type to live by, so I don't know why it's so hard for some people. :/

    I sure do appreciate you take the time to follow the rest of us :) I sure enjoy your blog and I'm glad to see you have commented on mine.

  7. Ohhh giving credit, Barbara? Damn that sucks, I'd laugh in their face lolol...

    Yeah, and a good idea, I'd pimp my blog on their blogs, but I don't think they have many readers/followers YET, and seem to want to grab mine in a hurry. ;)

    Hiya B.J. you have the cutest family!

  8. Thanks for the post!

    I've been getting a lot of people lately saying-"I like your blog-check out my blog and more importantly-follow my blog". I've checked some of them out, and they tend to be nothing even remotely close to anything I'd be interested in.

    So, now I just delete them unless their name has something to do with antiques, or vintage-which none of them have-LOL!

    Maybe I should type up a lesson on blog etiquette on their comment section! Do you think they'd get the hint? :)

  9. I hate it when people comment "I like your blog, check out my blog" and that's IT, no other discussion or comment about my post. I normally look at the blogs of any new followers or commenters anyway, so it's a redundant thing to say (but thanks for warning me that you're an annoying attention seeker so I can avoid you~)

    I also wish people would stop seeing any posts with fur in them as an invitation to shove their views down the blogger's throat. I've seen such terrible arguments arise out of it that I'm almost scared to post any pictures of my furry finds. Oh yeah, and the people who come around and say "you're too materialistic!" Um yeah, I post about stuff I buy or I want, and I'm clear about that in my sidebar. I'm not going to balance it out by talking about what I ate, what I learned in class today or my exercise routine, just so that strangers don't think that material goods are all there is to my life - they should be intelligent enough to figure that out.

  10. lol BHTS. Thought I was the only one getting these kinds of comments lately.

    Folks, please understand, I am not picking on anyone who may be doing this, maybe they do not realize it seems annoying?

    Miss Emmi, I've been a vegetarian since 1989, and I have vintage fur, so post those babies uuuup, you have my support, oh and I don't care what you eat. =)

  11. Great post. I agree with you .... I remove blogs from by blogroll if they have not posted anything within two weeks.

  12. I also remove blogs from my blogroll that never post anything. It's silly, I feel bad for un-following them but if they never care to post, oh well! I must admit, I'm totally guilty of rule #3, posting my blog link after I comment! I do always post a comment that pertains to the blog and not "cute dress! Now come read me!" (that drives me nuts) but, I do it and so far, it hasn't pissed off anyone my knowledge! :) I invite people to leave their links in my comments too because I feel like in a community, we're all here to share. If someone posts a link on my post, my readers won't leave me for the other blog or anything.

  13. oh, I forgot to mention, but I don't do that "links to this post" thing on other blogs. That is annoying!

  14. Brittany! You are never annoying! I love LOVE your blog, I read every post you make, but I do not have much vintage fashion, so it's something I don't comment on a lot. But I love that you are promoting vintage fashions for curvy gals!

    I don't mind the blog name link, like I said, it's the post I make about vintage charm bracelets, and the comment that says: "Cool! I made a post about vintage pie plates, come and look everyone I love comments!"

  15. I feel better knowing that I"m not a rule-breaker! :)) I did get one of those "links to this post" where another blogger's link is at the bottom of your comments. What's up with that?! I noticed that a lot of people are doing that, especially to really popular blogs like Vixen Vintage and like you said, they don't have ANYTHING to do with the post! how irritating!
    I'm on independent Fashion bloggers where we discuss things like etiquette and proper ways of commenting. I wonder if there are communities like that for people who blog about things other than fashion so that people can learn the difference. (I'm going see what I can find!) I wonder if spammers are just unaware that they are being inappropriate or if they know and don't care...hmmmm

  16. I think newer bloggers are excited and want a lot of followers fast, but we all had to start out posting to virtually no one until we found what worked and what didn't, and months and years of posts to build up a regular following.

    There is no easy way to do it, you have to build, and build and build!

    If I see a blog I love, and they have few followers, I will personally promote them on my blog, happy to help! But if someone is trying to 'grab' my viewers in a rude way, well, I'm simply going to delete their comment from now on.

  17. I've been blogging in LiveJournal since 1997. But I only made a real transition to public blogging a couple of years ago. I stopped that blog because I found myself uninteresting!

    But I love to write and I love to share stories and read good blogs (like yours!! gah, I'm so behind!) because I want to see the stories and the pictures and see what people are doing. I'm one of those people that gets inspired and motivated by others. I have this friend, Greeny (her nickname in my blog) who is always doing something new. And I'm just so thrilled by her fearlessness.

    Anyway, keep blogging, lady! I love it!

  18. I'm a newbie blogger and so glad that I haven't yet broken any blog etiquette rules! I figure if my blog is decent then people will find it, read it and pass it on. If not...well, I enjoy writing it anyway!! It's no different than writing in a diary really.

    Thanks for the tips :) And luurvving your blog.