Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Etiquette

I saw a couple other blogs doing posts about blog etiquette, and since I don't have anything mid-century to post about today, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

Now I'm not a very controlling person, but I do believe in fairness and respect.

1. Comment if you want to, don't comment if you don't want to!

There are times I read another blog, I like what I read, but I cannot think of a single thing to say. I try to visit all your blogs, and comment as much as possible, but there are times I have nothing to say. =) Also, I tend to read blogs very early in the morning to catch up. At 4:00 a.m., I'm mostly incoherent anyways lol.

2. Please do not spam my blog.

Seems obvious enough. Most product spammers are auto-bots, those trying to sell grandma's coffee table will have to do it elsewhere.

3. Don't continually try to grab my viewers/readers.

It's one thing to post a link to your blog (but we all have links in our names, so it is not necessary) but please don't post links to your blog/posts that have little to nothing to do with the topic at hand, inviting readers to go read your blog. If they click on your name and go read, it's up to them, but please do not solicit them to do so here.

We all like readers and comments, but we all have to find and build our own following. Please don't try to grab mine.

4. Please no heavy religious or political commentary.

I hang out at a chat board all day long where these are discussed ad nauseum and with great intensity. I stand my own very well, I have 16+ years experience with chat board communities, I simply do not want that here.

If you'd like, I can point you in that direction. But I warn you, it's not for the thin-skinned or faint of heart. ;) I have been called every name in the book and then some, for years by some people... So that kind of nonsense does not bother me, but this is my blog, not a chat board.

5. I tend to remove blogs from my blogroll if you have not made a post in 2+ weeks.

Nothing personal, I simply like active blogs on my blogroll, and only those I personally like to read on a regular basis.

Please know, I am NOT singling anyone out. I respect all points of view, differing opinions, people of all ages, races, creed, religions, socio-economic, gender, cross gender, and whatever else I have missed. All I care about is: Are you a good person or a bad person? And do you show me the same respect I show you?

I feel kind of left out, because no one has accused me of being materialistic like others seem to get lol....

By the way, trying to make snarky comments to me only makes me laugh. Far better have tried to cut me down over the years, and I am still actively involved in those same chat communities. I do not have a thin skin. But I don't sit idle when it happens either. ;)

Thanks folks, I sure do enjoy blogging with all of you!