Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty In Form and Function

I've always loved and appreciated beautiful, sculptural furniture.

This table is breathtaking. The lines, the shape, the form are so very lovely to look at.

Description claims to be "1950's unknown maker, custom made, refinished."

I'm not convinced this is 1950's. It has a very 1980's look to it, but this is one piece I'd be more than happy to put in my 1950's house!

It can be yours for $850 HERE.

And then we have this Paul Frankl desk. I don't know anything about Paul Frankl, but I love the shape of this as well.

Beautiful, just so easy on the eyes. This too can be yours for only $399 (currently) HERE.

If there is a lurking muse out there, please feel free to buy me the table at the top! =D

Happy Sunday everyone. Do you love this kind of furniture, and are you lucky enough to own something you consider "art furniture"?