Thursday, August 19, 2010

Atomic Eames 1950's Footstool

It's funny how the ending bids on these footstools can vary so widely. Some days they can sell for over $100, some days, like yesterday, under $20.

So I snagged this one because...

The pattern matches the one I already have. Funny, it looks so white in the photo, but it has a sort of gold color that runs through it, so it does NOT look this white. From now on, I am asking every seller about the colors of items before I bid. I wanted white to match my chairs. But... I still like it.

I don't suppose I will ever find two that match, in a style and color and/or pattern I love, with the same feet, that I can afford! I'd like a matching pair to match the white chairs in the living room, but in the meantime, I'll have to sort of mix and match.

I asked you all a while ago if matching things was important to you, and most said, you put together whatever you had and whatever worked, but silly me, I am compelled to try and match.

Should I give up trying?

Happy Thursday, work is kicking my ass the last couple days, hope everyone is doing great!

Chris continues to get better, thank you all so much for the outpouring of love!


  1. Soooo happy to hear that Chris is continuing to improve!

    Take care.


  2. Thanks again (((Evelyn))), you are a dear!

  3. Oh no, matching is totally crucial, definitely! I'm so with you on this one, which is why I haven't shown my loungeroom, colours and styles are all over the place. I somehow am unrelaxed when things don't match. Is that wierd? Ha ha

  4. I'm the same way, Kitty. It's restful on the eyes if there is a continuity of colors and shapes, rather than a hodge podge mix.

    Will keep looking for the matching footstools, I can always use the one's I have in other rooms!

  5. Glad you got that, I almost bid, but have bought too much lately. Nice stool!

  6. lol love your new avatar Uncle Atom, your fez looks fetching. =)

  7. Oh, Miss! I am not driven to match because I grew up poor and so I've always had a mish-mash of stuff. Now I just collect what I love - as long as I have a space for it.

    But I love that stool, and have one similar to it in our bedroom. I dig that you try to bring in only what coordinates -- that's smart and you're not going to collect too much more than you have room for. Similar modus operandi, different approach. :)

    Hugs to Chris. He's a beautiful dreamer. I always think about you and he, even when I don't comment on your blogs...

  8. Hiya Darlene. No worries, some days I don't have much inspiration so my posts are not always comment-worthy.

    I grew up of modest means too, and simply collected vintage because I loved it, and I could buy it at the Thrift shops.

    Even then, I still tried to coordinate as best as possible. It did prevent me from just buying a whole lot of "stuff", and when I got too much stuff, I resold a lot of it on eBay.

    I still say, "fewer bigger" is better than a lot of smaller things, so that helps me limit buying as well. =)

  9. I like to co-ordinate but don't get hung up on it, however I don't much like really clashing, things have got to be complimentary rather than co-ordinating!

    Glad Chris continues to improve!

  10. I do pick colors that will always match another room if need be. This can go in the pink master bedroom when I find a footstool that better matches the two I already have. =) Or matches one of the two I already have.

    The first two looked white in the photos. Guess what? neither of them are grrrrr

  11. Yay for Chris getting better!!
    And I adore your footstools they are beautiful!

  12. oh yeah! I would've snagged it too!