Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahhh I Can Only Laugh lol....

Arrived, great shape, legs simply and easily screwed on but...

It smells musty!

Oh noes, maybe I can pair it with my musty slipper chair and call them stinky?

The chair has an open bottom exposing the excelsior padding, and today I should hose it with bleach water again, see if that helps.

The footstool is closed, so there is no way to un-stink it.


Sometimes it seems as if the powers that be think it funny to mess with me lol...

And a quick pic of Chris still recuperating complete with poodle-like shaved legs from his IVs, and shaved belly from the surgical biopsy.

I blocked out his neck, because he still has this feeding tube sticking out of it, and realize for some viewers, this may be too difficult to see... Heck it's hard for ME to see!

He's doing better, still not 100%, but it sure is good to have my buddy Chris here with me. I watch him 24/7, medicate him 2x a day, but at least he is eating on his own now. Whew!

He showed up in October of 1999, just under a year old or so. 11 years of joy so far, fingers crossed, many more.

Chris and I thank you all once again for your kindness during his illness.