Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahhh I Can Only Laugh lol....

Arrived, great shape, legs simply and easily screwed on but...

It smells musty!

Oh noes, maybe I can pair it with my musty slipper chair and call them stinky?

The chair has an open bottom exposing the excelsior padding, and today I should hose it with bleach water again, see if that helps.

The footstool is closed, so there is no way to un-stink it.


Sometimes it seems as if the powers that be think it funny to mess with me lol...

And a quick pic of Chris still recuperating complete with poodle-like shaved legs from his IVs, and shaved belly from the surgical biopsy.

I blocked out his neck, because he still has this feeding tube sticking out of it, and realize for some viewers, this may be too difficult to see... Heck it's hard for ME to see!

He's doing better, still not 100%, but it sure is good to have my buddy Chris here with me. I watch him 24/7, medicate him 2x a day, but at least he is eating on his own now. Whew!

He showed up in October of 1999, just under a year old or so. 11 years of joy so far, fingers crossed, many more.

Chris and I thank you all once again for your kindness during his illness.



  1. Awww what a cutie.

    Shame about the foot stool. Hope you'll find a solution to the musty problem.

  2. =)

    I dunno, MoonDoggie. The chair I got 1-2 months ago stinks just as bad.

    Going to stop buying all furniture and magazines from any state I suspect may have a musty smell. That's about 1/4 - 1/2 of the country.

    Thank goodness it's not a huge couch I paid boo-coo bucks for and just a footstool!

  3. Poor baby Chris!! But he's home!!

    Try putting the footstool in the sun. It's worth a shot.

  4. Very glad Chris is doing better. He looks simply lovely with a heart necklace. =)

  5. Thank you once again, Chris thanks you! His tube looks so icky, I couldn't show it lol...

    Barbara I had the chair seat out back on the porch in the hot dry sun for 3 weeks. Didn't do a durn thing. =(

  6. SEND IT BACK!! :)

    Put note in box - "Don't know if yer smeller is off, but this dern stool is stanky!"

  7. lol Barbara!

    Yeah, but then, I'd be out the s/h, and while I didn't pay a lot for shipping, something tells me, this was way more expensive to ship than I paid (It was quite heavy for the $ I paid).

    So, I'd have to pay for return shipping, and I only paid $16 for it, so......... I'm inclined to keep it to save the hassle. =/ Id be out money if I returned it.

  8. Then leave a positive feedback like:
    "Shipped fast, seller nice, but stool is stinky like poo".

  9. Have you tried a spray solution of Tea Tree oil. You can make it yourself with only a few drops of tea tree in water. It may work. Works for us in getting rid of musty basement smells. And of course fresh air will help somewhat. Good luck!
    Poor little Chris! Cats get so helpless when they are recouping.

  10. Oh, MISS!? ratso about the footstool stinkage. would white vinegar spritz help? I know it's good for greasy stuff. Let it dry in the sun, but not all day since I know the sun's HOT right now?

    As for Chris... sweet little one... a prayer for him to get better than ever. Speedy recovery, little one...

  11. Barbara you say the funniest things!!!

    The footstool stinks from the padding inside, and there is no way to spray anything inside because it's all stapled to the bottom. =(

    Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers for Chris. I know your well-wishes had a hand in helping him get better. =D

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  13. could you unpick the staples ont he bottom to get at the stuffing? I bought some old wool jumpers at a sale and they smelled musty. I sprayed them with cheap vodka and it killed off the smell. Now they just smell like doggy old wool

    I am happy Chris is on the mend....purs and hugs to you guys!

  14. I have never visited your blog before so maybe this is a really "duh" suggestion and you already know it won't work, BUT:

    Here are my tried and true destinkifying methods. Use any or all (but not all at the same time).

    1. The Kitty Kure. Buy cheap, non-scented kitty litter. Place stinky stool upside down in large container (clean trash can, maybe?). Pour kitty litter all around it to cover at least the top part of it; legs can probably stick out unless you want to really get carried away. Shake container a little to make sure kitty litter is really in contact with every part of the top. Leave for about a week. Remove stool, vacuum off kitty litter dust. Discard kitty litter. Your cats won't want to use it now.

    2. Grill, baby, grill. Take a big garbage bag. Crumple up a whole bunch of old (clean) newspapers, not the colored inserts, just the plain paper parts. Pack the papers loosely around the stool in the trash bag. Then pour clean charcoal briquets (not the self lighting kind!) into a cookie sheet or some other shallow pan and sort of balance it on top of the concoction of paper and stool. Loosely close the bag over the whole thing and tie it shut with a twist-tie. Give it a few days, then take all the paper out, replace it with fresh paper and repeat. Second time should do it.

    Lemme know if either of these work for you.

  15. Wow thanks, Maria Stahl!

    I will give these things a try.

    Because both chair and footstool are vinyl, and it's the material inside that is stinkie, this may be the only way to do it!

  16. ooh the footstool is beautiful! sorry about the stink though

  17. Catching up with your posts - I am so glad to see Chris is doing okay! I'm sending my love and prayers to you both for healthy healing and quick recovery (same thing but I needed to say them both).