Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Which One Of You Bought These Sputnik Lamps?

OK, which one of my uber cool blogger friends bought this awesome set of lamps?

I considered it... A lot!

But at $60 + s/h my common sense and practicality kicked in and I told myself I could get a set of table lamps that put out far more light for roughly the same amount of money.

And it said" "artisan made" which made me wonder if they were vintage/mid-century or not? That makes a difference, to me.

Bah... Why do I have to be so practical? lol...

But check out this lamp, auction ending in one day:

A real mid-century, eames sputnik beauty of it's own!

Find it HERE.

By the way, and VERY cool. The buyer of that awesome NASA space charm bracelet found my blog and the post I made, and responded! HERE.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are finding outrageous deals on vintage wherever you go!