Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Which One Of You Bought These Sputnik Lamps?

OK, which one of my uber cool blogger friends bought this awesome set of lamps?

I considered it... A lot!

But at $60 + s/h my common sense and practicality kicked in and I told myself I could get a set of table lamps that put out far more light for roughly the same amount of money.

And it said" "artisan made" which made me wonder if they were vintage/mid-century or not? That makes a difference, to me.

Bah... Why do I have to be so practical? lol...

But check out this lamp, auction ending in one day:

A real mid-century, eames sputnik beauty of it's own!

Find it HERE.

By the way, and VERY cool. The buyer of that awesome NASA space charm bracelet found my blog and the post I made, and responded! HERE.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are finding outrageous deals on vintage wherever you go!


  1. OMG - they are so awesome.Sadly, it was not me!

  2. 'Twasn't I!
    My buying powers seem to be limited to tea towels right now. :(

  3. wasnt' me, either.Wouldn't last a day in my house :) Loving that last lamp, though!

  4. I saw them and I've got to say they looked homemade to me, then I read artisan made and I pretty much decided they were, not that I can afford them anyway. I thought they looked like candle holders that had been adapted, pretty cool thought I would have bought them if I had money to burn!

  5. sorry not home made, home adapted! I think they were original candle holders adapted to lamps, is that clear ha ha

  6. Yeah, thought that too, STM.

    Not sure the seller made it clear... And it's likely they don't know when it was created and using what materials (new, old materials, or created last week or in 1968).

    Which is perfectly fine, but I have this "thing" where I desire everything I buy mid-century, to BE from the mid-century.

    But they sure are eye-catching!

  7. Those are just too cool, but $60??? Somebody must have money to burn... and it sure isn't me, darnit! :P

    I'm more lenient about addings some non-vintage... I figure if the decor works together well, why deprive my home of something good?

  8. Well, I HAVE to have a computer and flat screen TV lol.... So I do have modern stuff. Oh and my fridge and car, too... For now.

    But I figure, there is so much mid-century/vintage out there, why not be a purist?

    That's simply *my* perspective, does not have to be shared with anyone else. =)

  9. I try to be "sold out" vintage so I hide my modern stuff like microwaves and pc's. Works for me.

  10. Those lamps are pretty darned cool but it wasn't me either. I'm in the broke and window shopping on eBay mode :) That NASA bracelet is amazing too. It's crazy and cool that the buyer found you.

  11. I wish! Very space age mod!