Thursday, July 22, 2010

What The Hell Are Those?! 1950's Handmade Pottery

OK I admit it.

I have a passion for these little ugly 1950's mid-century handmade pots or vases.

And these are SO odd, I just had to have them. Oh and no one else bid on these either lol...

I don't collect any well-known potters work. I don't really know any. I don't study this area of collecting at all.

Why collect these? Heck, I have no clue why I like these. I took a ceramics class in High School, but my artistic skills lay in other mediums.

I remember Mom doing a sculpture of a nude once. Never finished it.

So I don't know why these grab my attention! I like the lop-sided, handmade, simple designs made with earth tone glazes types of pots and vases that no one else wants. I adore them!

OK, time to confess. Do you have a secret passion for an oddity?

Do you have a stash of vintage hand-knitted toilet paper roll cozies in the shapes of poodles:

...Or a gaggle of nail and string artworks made in the 70's that NO ONE ELSE seems to be collecting?

Share YOUR odd collection!