Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Did I Tell You All About Vintage Gravel Art?

A few + months ago, I said vintage gravel art would be a hot collectable, and snag it up while it's cheap.

Well, 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady nails it again lol...


This sold for $828.00!!!

Check the current soon to end auction HERE.

If you want me to read your future, arrange paypal payment via my email posted at the right side lolol....

Still want to know, which one of you bought the Sputnik lamps I posted about a short while ago!


  1. I've made a small fortune off my vintage PBN's too.
    I have a wonderful pair of peter panlike sprite gravel art fairy's...but, I'm gonna keep 'em!

  2. Wow! i just bought a cornucopia gravel art piece at the local antique mall for $12.50. I need to show this to someone who thought it was a questionable purchase!

  3. Good gravy! Gadzooks! You are psychic! Now, any ideas as to how I can get my mitts on pink flamingo PBNs? I'd be so appreciative! :)

    Hello and hugs, Miss Atomic!

  4. $60 plus postage for those sputnik lamps plus 15% for currency conversion, I'd consider very cheap, and at that price I'd buy them to resell. But then this kinda stuff is worth way more here than in USA. RE; your smelly chair, its not febreeze I use but fab air, I always get the name wrong. Anyway see if you can find it because I compared the 2 products in the supermarket yesterday for you and fab air smells way better and has a wider variety of applications.

  5. That is a crazy price for the gravel pair, really. By the way I love your blog it's always entertaining and informative, keep it up!

  6. Just you wait until this sundays post! Im hosting the Pirates of Penzance cast party at the Casablanca and I have this large Pirate ship in full sail gravel art im gonna hang up!!!

  7. Yes, I could tell gravel art was getting big too.
    I've seen flamingo pbn's for decent prices, you just have to watch ebay and etsy constantly,lol! I'd love a flamingo one, but don't have one yet, have a neat black velvet Geisha pbn.

    I didn't buy those lamps BUT I did buy the PINK starburst clock thanks to you!!! Thank YOU!!!! It's the coolest, I've never seen one in pink! I have been reading your blog for a few months but this is the first I commented. I love all the stuff you get! Plus, I found someone who buys more from ebay than I do, LOL! ;O)))
    Oh, my blog is inactive right now, I have spent the last 2 yrs redecorating in 40s, and mainly 50s, sorta an atomic/asian/tropical mix. I should be taking pics in a week for flickr and I'll let you know, I'd love to see what you think, you have great taste!


  8. I passed on some gravel art the other day and now I think I had better go back and buy it. Thanks for the heads up.

    check out my Shawnee Pottery on my blog today:


  9. Good God!
    I've been on the look out for decent string art too :)

  10. Even I, the Spendthrift Queen, wouldn't pay that much for something that the cat poops in. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE gravel (and glitter) art. Also PBNs as you may have noticed--I have three more in storage. I have just finished a major marathon on eBay--what a freakin' rush!!!

  11. Yeah, I don't pay this much for my furniture OR appliances lol...

    I LOVE PBNs!! BUT, there was a lovely set of Fall foliage, nothing out of the ordinary, except I loved these in particular. Well, of COURSE they sold for over $70 *rolling eyes*

    Not gonna spend that much on a PBN unless it's flamingos or Hawaiian themed. gRuMbLe lol...

    And we want to see your finds!! =D

  12. Wow, that's some serious cash!

  13. Oh My Goodness! Now see, I would have walked right past those pictures in the Thrift Shop and not think a thing about them, lol. I see not all gravel art goes for alot. I wonder what makes these, in particular, worth so much? It is a particular "look", or maybe just a bidding war. Thanks for sharing!