Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Pink - Share Your Color Collection

zootsuitmama asked us to show our own pink collection, so I went around taking quick photos of a few of my pink vintage things. I won't post them all, because well, 16 photos are enough!

Would love to see the rest of you share your color collection on your blogs. Doesn't have to be pink, show us your favorite color collection!

First up (above) is an awesome biomorphic ashtray on a metal tripod stand.

Vintage pink jacket (doll or childs size).

Don't forget, you can click on any image to see a larger view if you'd like. =)

Quilts, we can't have too many quilts! The one underneath the pink one is a boys quilt, and has rockets, sports and air planes in the design. I love it.

Repro vintage fainting couch for dollies. Here I have a Boyds Bear cat and his girlfriend. Vintage lace.

Pink stuff here and there...

Pink jewelry and dish.

There's some pink stuff here too. I painted the flower and the pink frame.

Pink Vintage rotary General Electric phone like we used to have. That's not my phone number lol...

Pink cone lamp on tripod stand. I love this.

Pink cats and quilt. Grandmothers Garden design, I believe.

I have a pair of these pink lamps and a brass thing that matches.

I'm proud of this signed Eames enamel art tray I bought years ago before I was focused exclusively on 1950's.

Pink atomic lamp and gosh darn, now that I look at the lampshade closely, it's purple, not pink like I thought. Hmmm not sure what to do about that.

Pink embroidery, not very clean, is it? lol... I still love it.

Vintage handpainted tole tray and boomerang dish.

Annnnnd pink rose dish and pink flamingo post cards!

I hope you enjoyed my collection of vintage pink, please share your favorite color collection in any color you like best on your blog!!


  1. I did, indeed, enjoy your vintage pink stuff!

  2. Looks like you've got quite a few vintage pink things there... Girly-girl! lol *duck*

  3. Don't worry Space Commander, I have some cool guy-like stuff too =P

    Gotta have a balance in a house ;)

  4. pink rocks. I love your pink, as well as zoot's... I have only a smattering of pink. Most of my stuff is organic... Yellow, red, chartreuse, turquoise... But if I dig into my vintage toy stash, then you're talkin' pink.

    I loveeeeee that you have a masculine room. That just kicks my arse. If I could, I'd have a tiki bar in our living room, though it would be strictly non-alcoholic.

    Hugs and love, miss. *waves back*

  5. Hiya Darlene. Well it's just so easy to pick up the pink, since there is so much of it!

    Would love to see your color combos =) I know you've shared pics already, but show us more =D

    Yeah, both living room and office will be more masculine. You don't want guys to shrink in horror at your house when they come to visit lol... Nothing worse than pink fuzzy toilet seat covers to make a man verrry nervous tee hee....

  6. Love the telephone!
    Here is a post I did on my Grandmother's 1950's pink lamps:

    No place to put them, but they are retro cool.

  7. Oh sky princess, I'd find a place for the lamps!! Can't wait to see your blog-and Thanks 50's atomic, for showing your pink colors! Everybody-cmon post already! Zootsuitmama

  8. I love your stuff but I'm just not a pink girl AT ALL! I sometimes see stuff in pink I like but I'm like Darlene, I'm a red, turquoise, chartreuse type of girl, in fact we don't have much pink at all!

  9. Just too too much! I love it all.

    I have only recently been able to appreciate the color pink. I've been such a tomboy my whole life but when two friends converged upon me with their loves of pink I started to rethink the color. I can't pull it off - clothes wise - but I do appreciate it in other things. So I'm adding to my mostly blue and green everything with bits of pink.

  10. I love your pink telephone and would love to buy it for my daughter if you ever decide to part with it! We are so happy to have found your blog! Thank you for sharing your pinks with us.
    Laura and Michele

  11. Hi VB:

    Check eBay, that's where I get most of my vintage stuff... =D

  12. Ah, memories. Love the pink phone!