Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage July Fourth Decorations

It's not like I don't have enough vintage holiday stuff crammed in the hall closet already.

But what I don't have, are vintage Fourth of July holiday things.

So, a quick peek on eBay, and here are some wonderful sparklers. Oops, I don't think you are supposed to sell fireworks on eBay, but hey, I won't tell.

Not mid-century, they look to be late 70's, early 80's, but... I passed on these. Bidding went too high.

Hmmm tissue paper? Maybe.

But at $125 Buy It Now, I have a feeling this will be for sale until 2050. Pass.

Dennison's Stickers? You know, like the crazy expensive Dennison Halloween stickers? Not bad...

But too small to make any kind of impact in a room. Pass.

More Dennisons. Nut cups, this time. Cute, adorable, but eh, still not enough "wow" factor to make an impact in a room. Pass.

This tissue paper banner came up for auction a while ago. I missed the bid the first time around, but it didn't sell.

Pulls out to make a splash, folds up to store easily.

Price, not bad at $9.99 Buy It Now.

But when you look at it laid out, it kind of looks like a deflated snake squished on an old dirt road.

Not the impact I am going for.

Years ago I bought a big old flag, but the poor thing was so dry rotted, it ripped every time I picked it up.

Soooo, looks like I will have to keep looking out for that perfect vintage fourth of July item.

Do you have any vintage Fourth of July decorations, and if so, what do you have. I need some ideas!


  1. Obviously I don't, being Australian:) But is this stuff actually collectable?? Very collectable? Australians generally perceive Americans as being super-patriotic, do you think that perception is correct? I couldn't imagine collecting vintage Australia Day stuff though, that'd be hilarious to us, but our history is shorter too.

  2. what beautiful old patriotic things!

  3. Hiya kVk... Well, I think patriotism used to be a bigger deal a few decades ago.

    I think, days like Memorial Day and Fourth of July have become excuses to go have a party and get drunk and generally act like an arse days, instead of the fun it used to be when I was a kid.

    I remember these days were serious stuff, and an opportunity to learn some history, and thank the people who fought for our nation.

    Now? It's all about BBQ, loud music and drinking. =(

  4. Maybe it's the region I live in. I hope some folks take this stuff a little seriously these days... =O

  5. I'm with ya! Nowadays everyone just BBQ's and drinks beer. I'll be seeking out some fireworks shows this year though, those are always a great way to celebrate! Happy 4th!

  6. Stopped going to fireworks years ago. Too many drunks, fighting and cherry bombs being tossed into the crowds. =/

  7. Hubby and I think that most American holidays are for drunks and general debauchery, save Christmas. But then that's just a retail holiday. So yes, I see your point.

    And Kvk, count this American as paying attention to patriotic customs, without painting my skin flag colors, marching, or whatever else is associated with hyper-patriotism. Too much has happened in the last 30 years that has taken the sparkle out of patriotism for me. :(

    Hello Miss Atomic

  8. Suppose I've become a tad jaded in my old age lol... I'm sure drinking and tossing firecrackers is fun for some.

    Hiya Darlene. =)

  9. I don't do the fireworks shows at the local lake either... the crowds ruin the fun and the meaning of it all.

    There's still enough families living along our block who still do the frontyard shows at dusk... some spend unbelievable amounts to have the loudest and most spectacular. Then after 10pm we usually come back inside, get cleaned up and watch the televised celebrations like on PBS. Mom loved to listen to the music events from Washington D.C.

    But like all the other holidays, it's become more of an excuse to throw another drunken party than to actually observe the meaning behind it.

    And what fave decoration do we use? I still have the same American flag that the family has been putting out close to 40 years. That's really all you'll ever need ;)

  10. My little town (or I should say the one next to it)has the coolest old fashioned parade! Complete with old veterans walking and little cars that pop wheelies, politicians throwing candy and the local dance studios marching! And, a lot of fireworks exhibits. My Mom likes the big ones so I take her. Zootsuitmama