Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vintage Christine Giveaway, And...

Vintage Christine is having another giveaway HERE!!

Well folks, this has got to be THE most kick ass giveaway I have ever seen!


$100 eBay gift card and a $50 eBay gift card!

Holy smokes! Think of the atomic, mid-century, 1950's, vintage stuff you can buy for that!

And if you follow my blog, everything I got in my last post was way under $100 (minus s/h). It's a buyers market at eBay!

Speaking of the things I got from eBay...

Finally opened this and wow they are in better condition than it shows in the photo! Great deal!

This arrived, with the original box wrapped in the thinnest paper, a couple pieces of tape wrapped around the box, and amazingly, still in one piece.

Sellers. Do NOT send games, toys or ANYTHING vintage by mailing it in it's original box!! Put it in another bigger stronger box! Yikes! Good thing I only paid $4 for it.

This lamp arrived. Fantastic. Put a bulb in it, a shade on it, the matching atomic starburst finial and it lighted up. Came back into the living room a couple hours later and... It was dark. Now it won't light.
I guess rewiring is fairly simple, but I was hoping not to have to do that.

Can you believe, this arrived YESTERDAY! Has to be the fastest shipping ever on eBay! I love it! Needs a battery, which I will get today.

And then the post guy, after dropping off these packages, also left a "sorry we missed you, we have a package for you at such and such post office for your signature" deal right there in my mail box, after I came out as he was turning away. He never knocked on the door? Did he even have this package (what it is I have no clue) so does that mean I have to go all the way across town to go see if I have a package there?


People, I do not have time to cruise all over town, this is why I shop online lol...

So, sometimes things are fantastic, sometimes not, sometimes sellers are wonderful, sometimes not...

Hmmmm sounds like a metaphor for life.

Happy Wednesday everyone, now go check out Vintage Christines blog!


  1. The original box shipping thing is a pain in the ass. Some idiot did that to me last year with my christmas tree light wheel, now the box has my address written on it! I make a point of telling sellers now, if the ad states the original box is included.
    Nice finds though!

  2. Oh geez! It's even worse when they USE the original box!! No wrapping!

    Dumb, dumb... =/

  3. That is weird about the notice in your box, after he had left packages. Is there a box on it to check and request redelivery? I was a rural mail carrier for 11 years, and I am puzzled by this.
    Obviously, if he had something that requires a signature, he should have knocked on your door to attempt delivery. I don't get it.

  4. Me either Heidi Ann, and it wasn't my usual carrier, so I think he was being lazy *rolling eyes*

    Will see if there is a "redeliver" box to check.

  5. Love the silverware - is it Betty Crocker's version or real live silver?

  6. Thank you my dear friend--I've gotten like 34 comments/entries! It's so cute to see all the young bloggers wanting things to put in their FIRST HOME. I wish I could help them all out! My mail lady drives up and honks her horn--the big dog is usually out there and even though I don't think she'd bite anyone best to not take chances. A friend of ours had a Bassett named Gomez, the MOST mellow dog, and he attacked his mailman one day for no reason. And you know what--the mailman SUED our friend! Which was ridiculous since Gomez had no teeth and just sort of gummed mailman's ankle. I guess he was slobberphobic.

  7. Hiya Barbara... Betty Crocker? lol not sure what you mean. It's authentic vintage. =)

    Hey hey Christine, your giveaway rocks!!!

  8. Argh, why are some sellers so *lazy* about shipping vintage stuff. How much effort does it take to get a box to ship a product in, outside of the original one? Gah.

    I have noticed here in Chicago that our part-time mail carrier does not take the time to knock or whatever. In fact, there are days that she doesn't bother to deliver to anyone in our building! That *should* be a federal offense! Poop! Anyhoo, I am sorry you're dealing with all that nonsense.

    Do you have any books by Albert Camus or Goethe? I want to read a bit before I go back to school on Aug. 30 - (a.k.a reading what I want to before required reading is implemented).

    Hello, Miss!

  9. I so remember that silverware! lol

    It's funny that you should post a picture of a felt visual aid. I came across a box at a Goodwill Outlet store a few weeks back. The ones I found were felt animals for preschool age. Surprisingly, even being in those darned bins it was in good condition, but I didn't buy it.

    Happy you with your fun finds!

  10. Thanks Heidi! I did check the "re-deliver" box on the card, never noticed that before!

    Hey hey, hiya Darlene, I'm not sure to be honest! Mom had some old books, but I don't think she had either of those =O

    Carole, the paper on the back of the cut out shapes has a kind of "fuzz" stuck to it, so it will "stick" to the felt.

    Now I am wondering if the bulletin boards I just put out by the gate to be hauled off would be a fit for the felt panel? I should go check. I hope they didn't get damaged out there lol... *coughcatsspraycough*