Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some You Win, Some You Lose

All pottery arrived today. Wow, fast shipping for both sellers!

These two lava glaze vases?

Mid-century. Old, Fantastic! Finally!


But I missed the bid on another lava glazed vase on eBay today. Boo.

These two handmade vases?

Yes, handmade.

Advertised as having been "bought from a local estate".

Old? No.

Brand spanking new.

Does "bought from a local estate" mean old? Well, it sort of implies it. One look at the bottom, and you can see, these came off the kiln last week, I swear. Not a speck of dust or wear on the bottom, At all. =(

They are nice, but I am looking for "older" pieces.

Then again, the price was cheap. It's the shipping that adds up real fast.

Oh well, some you win, some you lose. =)

Happy Tuesday, I hope all of you have a fun Fourth of July!