Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So The Moment I Say, I Am Bored Of Buying Vintage...

The moment I say I am bored of shopping and buying vintage...

A BUNCH of things pop up on eBay! And wow, it's a buyers market out there, I got great deals on all of these new additions:

A vintage "Space Age" AM radio for the space room office here. Looks like a space ship control panel!

Lights up to the sounds from the radio.

I don't know what this does, exactly, but it only cost me $7.50!

This is an atomic world clock, and what you do is dial it to the time zone and look to see what time it is in other countries on the map.

OK, not sure what that means, but it has that atomic molecule design, and I had to have. Price was right! $7.50!

Very cool!

I have been searching for one of these for a long time. It's a atomic molecule sculpture/spray. They are popular for mid-century homes, and usually cost a lot more than they are worth. This one was affordable because it does not have that tall, slim vase-like base design the others usually have. No problem-o! The colors are right too. They come in all colors, so I had to find one both affordable and in the right colors.

And a magazine rack. There are a LOT of vintage, mid-century magazine racks, but this one has the ever-important "atomic particle balls" on the feet and part of the design. Not many have this. Plus it's got two levels, it's flat, and will display magazines well.

I've been searching footstools forever... I have no clue why most of them sell for huge prices? But this baby was cheap enough. Does not have atomic particle feet like most of the things in my living room, but I'll just have to deal with the hairpin legs!

And this amazing chair... For $16.00!! OK, $47 shipping, but still. A great deal!

My other two white atomic chairs have this kind of flat spring design, and I'll tell you, it sort of "springs" you up and out of the chair, when you go to get up. Highly recommend!

This chair was the reason I was asking about things "matching" in my prior post.

I love the colors of this, but it doesn't really "match" anything in any of my rooms. Unless I simply have this "odd" piece and go with that, or something. But sometimes you just can't pass a deal or design up, know what I mean? =)

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you all are scoring great vintage finds too! =D


  1. I love the footstool and chairs! Fantastic!

  2. OK, I just left you a nice long hilariously funny comment and Blooger ate it. I hate Blooger. Anyway, I like your pink chair.

  3. Oh geez Christine, happens to me a lot too =( Sorry blogger is a meanie!

    The footstool still does not match the chairs exactly. I cannot for the life of me find two white vinyl footstools with atomic particle feet, so I will have to make due with this one and another I already have of a different color!

  4. I never see anything like that on ebay!! Send me what you search for!! Dang!! That chair is coooooooooooooool!!

  5. Oh, my!! I can certainly see why you were unable to resist each and every one of those fab items!

  6. I often see very cool mid-century auctions that I know I won't bid on, that I think my fellow bloggers might like.

    Case in point:

    A two, twin bed bedcover and curtains and pillow sham set in uber cool atomic design barkcloth, that only sold for just over $100!!

    We are talking covers for two twin beds, curtains for three-four windows, 5 pillow covers, and even more flat pieces, in a super atomic design, all matching, for $100!!

    I thought about buying myself because I had a hunch they would sell for cheap, but I already have the colors and designs worked out for the rest of my rooms.

    But in the future, I will list cool auctions here for those who might like them!

  7. Yes please! I'd gladly pay you a commission since you clearly have a special talent for finding uber cool stuff on ebay. :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, lady... you've been a good girl since I've been absent. I miss you, girly!

    I loveeee your new additions! And more than that, I love that they were bargains!

    I apologize for being absent! So much to catch up on, sugar!

  9. Hey hey Darlene! Glad to see you again, we missed you!

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  11. Those are some amazing finds!

    Also I linked to you blog in a post on my favorite blog reads.


    Have a great day! - A Retro Remedy

  12. Hiya and thanks. I went and said "hello" on your blog. =)

  13. I NEED that space age radio thingy! That's amazing.

  14. ZOINKS!
    That "Space Age" radio is the BUSINESS! I love how it lights up, too!
    Fun-derful finds! :)

  15. about the atomic clock, its the replica of the Atomic Clock in berlin, just google it
    Berlin Alexanderplatz

  16. Oh wow, thanks! I had no idea, I'd never heard of it!