Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please Buy This For Me: Working Moving Model of the Solar System

I find this fascinating! An Orrery brand working, moving model of the Solar System. Like a clock. A replica of an antique. Would look perfect in my mid-century Space theme room.

They only run about $600 lol....

But for $600, I'll need a muse to buy it for me. =)

On another note, whoever told me the three 1960's blue face sculptures in my previous post were new and from Pier One, was mistaken. =)

I googled the heck out of those yesterday, and they are not anything I've found to be from any "new" store.

Saw these amazing 1950's enamel coasters months ago, but lost the bid back then. They sold for too much money. But I was able to pick them up the other day for a song, and they arrived in record time!

I'm a teetotaler, alcohol never did anything for me but make me stupid, so I never have been much of a drinker.

And as such, I'm not into "bar ware" despite now owning 4 matching bar stools and this fine set of bar drink coasters, but do any of you collect bar wear, and do you have an actual bar?

Happy Thursday everyone!