Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Note From The Crushed Lampshade eBay Seller "wayoutvintgae"

Geez! Remember that vintage lampshade seller who I have been having issues with HERE and HERE?

She sent me another email today...

This is what she was replying to, I guess, my last email to her:

Dear wayoutvintage,

The item was NOT boxed properly at all and the damage occurred because of it as you can clearly see in the photos. Two of the four box flaps had been cut off prior to packing, and there was NO packing material to cushion it.

I hope you will make this right.

I received this charming reply:

Dear 1950's Atomic Ranch House,

right for who, not for me, thank you very much.

- wayoutvintage

Seems she still thinks her chopped up box, NO packing materials, and a box barely big enough for the shade was perfectly fine.


Is there a way to block psycho sellers? lol...

You might want to keep this ID in mind as you shop eBay.