Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Cold War Mid-Century Atomic Bomb Goodies

I'm not exactly sure why I keep coming back to this subject of mid-century collecting. Does it really matter? lol... The Cold War was very real, very frightening and I suppose it was the "big boogie man" of the 1950's +, after World War ll had ended.

Also, part of it for me at least, is recreating the era, and all that it entailed. The good and the bad. From the large to the small. From major pieces of furniture and appliances to the small details inside each desk or kitchen drawer. And this was a significant aspect of the 1950's, in addition to the Space Race. I mean, these were the big news topics of the day.

So once again, I am featuring some auctions, yes all eBay, of items related to these wonderful pieces of history. Some items are "expensive", some are very affordable.

You know the drill by now…


I do not know any of these sellers personally, nor am I endorsing these particular auctions. I share these with you on my blog to help you perhaps expand your own collecting, to bring you something unusual, and timely. Please do your own research on each if you decide to bid. Thank you for your time.

I am loving this Civil Defense cardboard store display complete with a stack of original cards! Find it HERE.

Atomic Bomb dexterity puzzle. These come up on a regular basis. Find it HERE.

Atomic Bomb newspaper headline. These come up quite often. Find it HERE.

Super cool atomic bomb lamp!

Find it HERE.

There are a lot more things to find. Simply do a subject search, and you will bring up all kinds of goodies in all price ranges. Hey, we all need a fallout shelter sign at the very least, right? Or a Time magazine featuring the subject.

Happy Sunday and don't forget to be prepared in case of a nuclear attack!