Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Century Space Capsule Coin Operated Kids Ride

ATTENTION: All my vintage space theme loving people, robot collectors, ray gun operators and astronaut wannabes.

You too can be the envy of your neighborhood and make money at the same time by placing this mechanical space ride on your front lawn!

OK, maybe your back porch.

But you will be the talk of the town with this sweet coin operated kids ride. Heck I'd drop my coin in and take a ride too!

To the moon!

OK, the coin operated dealie needs a bit of rust removal work, but you can toggle it for coin-free continuous use, when you are short of spare change.

And best of all... It WORKS!

Snag this baby for only $200 (currently), local pick up in Bakersfield CA, or arrange freight.

Check it out HERE.


I get no financial remuneration for mentioning any eBay auction, nor am I responsible for kid squabbles if you purchase this for your own fun. These auction mentions are brought to you care of 1950's Atomic Ranch House for your visual entertainment only. =D


  1. how cool would that be to have in your yard!

  2. Now how'd I miss this?! Takes me back to all those coin operated rocket rides I hitched a ride on at the local K-Mart =)

  3. O Man, I'd love to have that in the 'ol Tiki Arcade!

  4. Love it! Have you watched the TV show 'American Pickers' yet? the two guys drive all over to get to look through junk, old warehouses, outbuildings, etc. They came up with some awesome vending machines! Zootsuitmama

  5. Yup good times!

    Waaa I've never seen the show, zoot....

  6. I love those old coin operated games. I remember fondly the pinball machines my dad had and all of us would be playing in front of the house. He ended up getting rid of them, used some excuse that we did not play with them enough which we denied very loudly. Mom later confessed that he got rid of them because he couldn'e take the noise since all the kids liked to come over and play with it when we were not playing on it. Non stop bells and bings and kids yelling. I still plan to own a pinball maching one day..

    Psst, American Pickers is as addictive as Pawn Stars.. ^_~

  7. I watched American Pickers one time and got so mad I swore never to watch it again. First, they get to drive around the countryside in a nice big van. Then they "discover" all these barns and sheds packed full of cool stuff. Then they "haggle" over prices and then wind up paying big bucks and absurdly telling us more schmucks watching the show that they got SUCH A DEAL. And really, Lost in Interspace, Pawn Stars is even worse because they actually have people bringing stuff TO them! Oh, ok. Actually, I'm just totally JEALOUS of the guys on these two shows!