Friday, July 30, 2010

Mid-Century Coolness

Every once in a while, an auction photo will grab my attention.

Don't you just love the look of this fiberglass eye lamp globe and the metal fish on the wall?

If you do, you can buy them! Check them out lamp HERE and fish HERE.

The hanging orange lamp is also for sale.

The same seller has some other cool stuff too. Always smart to show some of your other items for sale displayed in each photo. It encourages multiple sales.

Oh and I will NOT be bidding on these, so no competition worries IF you decide you want to bid.


I am not an eBay spokesmodel, nor am I remunerated for this post. This is NOT an endorsement of this particular seller, I do not know who they are. I simply like these auctions enough to share them with you. As always, check them out for yourself and make your own informed decision before bidding and buying. Thank you for your support.

Happy Friday!


  1. That eyball lamp is are all the other goodies that seller has to offer. If only I could manage to get them shipped here for less than an arm and a leg!

    We are coming back to the States in April and I know just the thrift store that I am heading to...they have all that cool midcentury stuff and vintage fabric to boot...all for a song!

    Thanks for sharing those links!

  2. Wow very cool, pixie! =D

    I see how much eBay stuff sells in the international markets, and how costly it is to ship outside the US =(

    Even here the postal rates are going up super high. A small lamp finial cost me $10 to have shipped. That was the amount stamped on the box, too *rolls eyes*

  3. Hmmm those fishies would look splendido at La Condo so I may just pop on over to check it out. BTW I got an awesome vintage rattan liquor cart yesterday and now on the hunt for tropical themed barware. In other words ...... TIKI! We know you're not endorsing any particular eBay seller although between you and me we're making sure none of the sellers go hungry ha ha!

  4. I liked the fishies too, but at $51 so far, they can have them!!

  5. I saw that while Ive been e-browsing!

  6. Christine, I will keep an eye out for tiki type auctions ;) I do extensive searches all the time, and try to catch the stuff that might be "hidden". Will let you know. =)

    Those metal wall deals are popular, huh...?

    I love to share what I know my super cool blog friends will also love! =D

  7. Omg I love it all! Those fish are awesome!! Ohh soo tempting!

  8. Thanks so much for writing about my Ebay listings! I'm so honored! Will be listing many more fabulous mid-century pieces (including several more space-age lamps) over the next few weeks, so please keep tabs on my store. Soon I will be liquidating my large personal tiki collection of vintage carvings, books, music, etc!

  9. I do love those fish. lol

    It was certainly vintage day at my local Goodwill today. Just about every shelf had something from the 50s or 60s. I think someone must have cleaned out grandma, or mom and dads attic.

    Unfortunately, they knew what they had and priced it all accordingly.

    Some of the stuff, as is usual with GW, was priced well beyond what it would ever be worth. So I looked, I picked up, I put back down.

  10. Hiya Laguna Beach, and thanks for stopping by!

    I emailed the seller of these items, and they were nice enough to mention my blog in their listings in return. How cool!!. =) I hope they get lots of bids.

    Carole, I stopped trying at my thrift stores. I know, I say this all the time. But now anything that hints at vintage has a price tag slapped on it to make even antique malls look cheap. *rolls eyes*

  11. oh my god, YES! Love all of it! zootsuitmama

  12. I also love it all but same as Pixie the damn shipping to the UK is a killer!