Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mid-Century Christmas in July

Ok people, this is the time to get good deals on eBay, on holiday stuff off season! If you ever wanted that Fourth of July deal, or Easter goodie, and for sure, Christmas savings, this is the time to shop! Don't wait until a month before the holiday, that's when every other Tom, Dick and Jane is sucking up all the goodies and paying more than they need to.

Christmas lights.

Now who here does NOT have at least one string of the regular old fashioned Christmas lights? Because you can buy the strings all over eBay for cheap, all the time.

But you need extra bulbs, and oh Mama, this lot of vintage Christmas bulbs is the motherlode!

I'm thinking "lights for Sputnik lamps" as well. Be creative. Just because they don't say : "Lights for Sputnik Lamps" doesn't mean you cannot use them. And I'm loving the idea of using red and orange for mine... IF I ever get one.

OK, I'm not going to bother linking these up to the actual auctions, because I'll be sitting here for another two hours if I do.

If you want to know a specific link, ask. I saved all of these on my "Watch" list.

Plastic? I hear a few of you sneering. YES! Plastic was one of those amazing materials of the future! Back in the mid-century era. The poor plastic flower is highly underrated. Just go and try to find a huge lot of plastic flowers on eBay. You can't.

But you CAN buy tons of plastic holly wreaths for cheap. Glitter candle and all. Now go! Discover plastic!

The bottlebrush tree. I really don't know why these are so popular. They are made out of toilet brush materials. BUT I have an open mind, so I will reserve my judgment for another day! Those that have a little mercury glass bead garlands are always the hot sellers, but you can get one nekkid and put your own garland on it. Wha-la, mid-century charm-o-rama.

OK, these were so odd, I just had to post them. They are not mid-century, but more "century". Counterweight candle holders. I guess they hung over the branch of grandmas tree and you stuck a candle in the metal part and the ball hung down to keep it balanced? That's what the clip-on candle holders were for. Oh well, unique to say the least!

Mid-century Christmas wrapping paper. I always wanted to wrap all my gifts in the stuff. Mid century gifts, of course. This gift paper gets sucked up and fast come October, so nab what you can now. If any of you decide to wrap all your gifts in mid-century wrapping paper this year, PLEASE show photos!!

MmmHmmm ornaments. We can never have too many of these, right? Right? The plain old one's just won't do. No, apparently you have to have the glitter stencil one's like these, or the indents. Seems "Poland" and "Czech" one's are hot hot hot. So how come all I have are the plain old one's? I dunno, but now is your chance to get the "right" one's while they are affordable. I saw these selling like hotcakes last year at November and December.

Now I have seen a lot of these "blow mold" injection plastic light-up decoration dealies, but this one is super cute! Tell the world your house is a rockin' mid century home by displaying one of these on your porch. Once again, they sell quite well come the cool weather. Be warned!

Vintage Christmas pins. I know a lot of you ladies out there are vintage fashion mavens. Well, I'm afraid my idea of vintage fashions is limited to wearing that Journey concert tank top I got back in 1986. Hey, vintage atomic particle ball feet furniture and vintage Space radios thrill me more, what can I say? lol... But these pins are super affordable and so darn cute! Don't forget to check out vintage corsages as well. That's like a vintage Christmas pin with some plastic holly stuck to it. You will be the talk of the town!

And if you don't mind super dooper cute repros, welcome to your new addiction: Bethany Lowe. Go on, just click HERE to see what I am talking about!

Thus concludes our celebration of Christmas in July. Please note I do not know any of these sellers personally nor am I a paid spokesmodel for eBay as a whole. I don't do tea with Meg Whitman and I bring this to you for your viewing pleasure only. Thank you.

Happy Thursday!