Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let's Make This A B*itch and Whine Sunday!

OK, I hope my edited title doesn't offend too many folks lol...

First let me say, I am seeing these vintage poodle bookends everywhere, ever since Vintage Christine (Hey and how come her blog isn't showing up in my blogroll? Or am I blind?) shared with us that she had only one, and I am sorry, but I forget who sent her a mate for her poor lonely bookend. Was it zootsuitmama or someone else? Must be Oldtimers disease on my part. Yikes!

So then I went googling for photos of the 1950's open brickwork porch screens to show Atomic Living, because they are so popular around here, and do you think I could find any photos of them at all? Heck no!

The only thing close was this photo from Australia of a pile of bricks with holes drilled in them.

But that's not what I was looking for. =/

Well, then I got the charming nasty gram from that wacked out seller yesterday. You know old 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady just had to share it with all of you in yesterdays post.

And there is nothing on eBay lately, and I am tired of looking and buying! Know what I mean? Do any of you get burned out on buying or is this some kind of personal problem of mine?

OK, so I have my eye on one thing, and I won't mention it here because bless you all but I don't want anyone else bidding on it because it's already too expensive. Can't I just get things for the opening bid?! Is that too much to ask for? Hahaha....

I have yet to open my starburst patteren flatware because I am afraid it'll have some problem with it and I will have another seller on my case. Save me from the crazies!!! (I'm not anti-seller, I've done my share of selling on eBay and had crazy buyers, believe me).

So here is my list of complaints, please add yours below. Let it rip, swear words don't offend me. =)

1. I am tired of being on the work treadmill. Is this all there really is to life?

2. Tired of having to pay high prices for good vintage stuff (yeah, this is more of a whine than a complaint lol).

3. I want a magic wand so I can wave it and have my house fixed up. Without the major headaches of hiring people to do it for me. I'll throw money their way if they can just get it done right.

4. I am tired. How come everyone else can sleep a full 8 hours, but I seem to sleep for only 5-6 hours at best and wake up every hour on the hour. Why, WHY?

OK, by now I have lost 90% of you and I don't blame you! Some days I have nothing clever or witty to say or any cool photos to show. Please forgive me and just smile and nod.

For the other 10% feel free to list your complaints below.

Happy Sunday everyone! =D


  1. I too am sick of the word treadmill and despite being broke I'm stepping back for the next few weeks, I think it might do me the world of good!

  2. Wish I could take a vacation, but the way my business works, I can't for now... =/

  3. So many complaints, so little time. My top three today are: 1)My husband hates my sense of humour. He's known me for 5years now and just cannot get used to it. Rats. May have to kill him. 2)My son is turning into a young man before my very eyes and I am just not ready. 3)I cannot find any sort of vintage fabric (or much else that is of any use for vintage sewing) in this country. apparently, it was all rationed or destroyed in the war, so it just does not exist. Double-rats. I feel better. Thanks!

  4. Taking a break from buying is not a bad thing. I have cut WAY down in the last few months and have actually been getting rid of things. I knew I had a problem when I could not get the car in the garage and my last overnight guest had to sleep on the couch...and I live alone in a three bedroom house! The upside to less stuff? I get to see and enjoy all the things I truly love :-)

  5. lol Pixie, glad you feel better =D

    My guy friends need a kick in the ass from me. If I had a hubby I'd kill him too lol j/k j/k...

    I've been looking for barkcloth curtains for my office for a year. Think I can find any I can afford yet? Heck no!!

    Moviemag46, I'm with ya there. Got rid of a huge amount of stuff accumulated by family over 50 years. Trying to stick to ONLY things in the color and style of each room, and fewer bigger things than a lot of small stuff. =)

    It does help.

  6. OK, first of all, my blog is right over there with Hermione Gingold acting all goofy with those pearls. Man, did that broad have a schnaazola on her or WHAT? Next, even when you bitch and moan and complain and whine I STILL LOVE YOU, so at least you have that going for you, right? Just to make you jealous, I got off the work treadmill about 3 years ago and after the two years I spent in hell taking care of Mom, things have been pretty groovy I must say. The only thing I have to whine about today is the fact that it's not fair that I can't eat and drink like I used to. I was just told that my cholesterol is high and my blood pressure isn't good even with medication and I'm fat. Waaaaaaah. Damn it to goddamn hell. There, I whined AND I cussed. I just spent more money on eBay and Etsy this morning buying more Fenton crap that I don't need but I also got the cutest little toys from my pal Magpie Ethel. And thanks to you, this comment almost qualifies for my 100th post! Take a break, watch the end of Roger Rabbit and smile darn ya, smile!!! Oh and PS--I like to think of myself as a trendsetter which is why you are now seeing all those freaking poodle bookends. Next up: battling salt & pepper shakers.

  7. PPSS: Leah at Storybook Ranch sent the poodle--ZeeMama had one but it was pink, I think.

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  9. I'm in a good mood today but usually I can b*tch and whine with the best of 'em.

    I do know what you mean about being tired of buying. We currently need a new bed AND couch but we just want a chance to actually SAVE up some money for a time (I'm desperate for a house). We also simply HAD to go to Denmark for our summer holiday ;)

  10. =D

    I'm holding out for the "right" couch. It's hard... I want it NOW... But it'll show itself soon.

    Happy vacation, I hope to take one in 2015 lol.......

  11. OK and I removed my post to Christine because it was way tooooo whiny!


  12. My mother had that set of bookends back when I was a little kiddo. I loooved them so much. We moved a zillion times (I was a Navy brat) so I am sure they got destroyed. I would love to have a set now. I passed up a single at the thrift store awhile back. I should have bought it.
    Love your post!

  13. Hiya katydid, they sell on eBay for a good (read = low) price all the time~~ =)

  14. I have the same sleep problem, waking up every hour. Try Tylenol PM or one of the store brand knock offs. It's the only way I can get a full, deep, 8 hours.

    I also know about the lull in buying interest. I'm not sure what is behind it but every now and then I just can't dig up enough interest to go browsing. Other times, eBay window shopping is my favorite thing in the world.

    Just popped out of Lurkdom to wish you well with the sleep thing. :)

  15. Hmmm thanks Chia. I've tried a few things like... oh what the heck is the name of that cold or allergy medicine? Supposed to help you sleep too, and it never did. Well, whatever, I'll try the low-key over the counter remedies, I'm not much of a pill taker lol... Tylenol PM is on my list. =)

    Glad I'm not the only one who goes thorough buying and blah cycles =D

  16. Could these possibly be the type of pictures you're looking for on the brick wall?

    Didn't find one with a patio, however.

  17. Hiya Ladybug and thnks =D

    The bricks used in the 50's tended to be cement or maybe they called them cinderblock. Cement color, not red clay.

    They had a open design cut into each brick, so when built as a standard wall, they let light shine through.

    Moondoggie posted one on her blog today. =D She is in my blogroll.

  18. Oooo, I love a good bitch fest.

    We just put about $4000 into my BF's Audi. I swear if that whore acts out anytime in the next six months, I'm parting the bitch out while my boyfriend huddles in a corner and cries.

    Why, oh why, do the dishes keep piling up? WTF? I am so effing tired of feeling like all I do every day is wash dishes and do laundry. Despite the fact it would create more work, I wish we had lines to dry the clothes on. I realize this bitch is contradictory. I'm going with it.

    WTF happened to the 90some degree weather? Why is it only 63 degrees today??

    I'm sick as fuck about it seeming like there is never enough money. No matter how hard we work for it, somebody else wants it. Always. Even more frustrating is doing the work, budgeting out for when the check will arrive, only to be told that the boss didn't submit it in time, so it'll be another 3weeks for the check. I swear if that happened again this time, they can go to hell. I'm not fucking working my ass off just to be told Sorry. Just love contract positions.

  19. Ha ha you tell it like it is, Courtney!!

    I shamelessly use a lot of paper plates and bowls, until I get all my sinks running again, no way am I washing them in the bathroom *rolling eyes here*

    The drain system never worked on the washing machine in this house, so one day I hope to get it working somehow and actually have a washer a dryer IN MY OWN HOUSE!!

    So those of you who have always had a clothes washer and dryer, think of my next time you have to do laundry. I have to go to the laundermat =X Had to my whole life except when I lived elsewhere....

  20. Thanks I will look into that. BTW my ebay name is Lilshabbychic but I don't have anything listed right now.

  21. =D

    I encourage all blog friends to mention eBay and etsy selling IDs.

    This way we know who the cool folks are. =)

  22. Oh boy I could bitch and moan forever!! Now I'm not embarrassed to say for months I have lived with a damn bucket under the sink because every time I go get the part I think I need it doesnt work. Now a normal person would just ask. Ok? I did. I took the whole thing up to the hardware store with spaghetti hanging out, I was so mad. They gave me more of the same stupid parts that don't work. I am either too stupid to put PVC pipe together or this is a really stupid trick the people at the hardware store are playing!! Plus, I spent all weekend at a Crisis Management class, and now I want to stay home from work tomorrow to be at my house! Wah! Zootsuitmama

  23. Oh yeah, Christine, I'm fat too, and old. One of my resident's at the nursing home asked me "how are you gonna run after your dogs fat as you are?" Zootsuitmama

  24. Yup. plumbing issues, I am familiar with those =/

    The plumbing in my house was completely redone 15 years ago. 2-3 years later the exact same issues started to happen again. This is why I want someone to check my pipes from the house to the street before the work under the house again. The few plumbers I have had here for an assessment all say "you need to redo it under your house again".

    Uhhh no, I don't think I do. Next!

  25. Yes, yes, yes!

    You know I can relate, sister!

    I won't bemoan being broke. I have relegated my wallet and my eyes to window shopping. I'm doing better with that.

    Oh, I miss you, woman!