Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let's Make This A B*itch and Whine Sunday!

OK, I hope my edited title doesn't offend too many folks lol...

First let me say, I am seeing these vintage poodle bookends everywhere, ever since Vintage Christine (Hey and how come her blog isn't showing up in my blogroll? Or am I blind?) shared with us that she had only one, and I am sorry, but I forget who sent her a mate for her poor lonely bookend. Was it zootsuitmama or someone else? Must be Oldtimers disease on my part. Yikes!

So then I went googling for photos of the 1950's open brickwork porch screens to show Atomic Living, because they are so popular around here, and do you think I could find any photos of them at all? Heck no!

The only thing close was this photo from Australia of a pile of bricks with holes drilled in them.

But that's not what I was looking for. =/

Well, then I got the charming nasty gram from that wacked out seller yesterday. You know old 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady just had to share it with all of you in yesterdays post.

And there is nothing on eBay lately, and I am tired of looking and buying! Know what I mean? Do any of you get burned out on buying or is this some kind of personal problem of mine?

OK, so I have my eye on one thing, and I won't mention it here because bless you all but I don't want anyone else bidding on it because it's already too expensive. Can't I just get things for the opening bid?! Is that too much to ask for? Hahaha....

I have yet to open my starburst patteren flatware because I am afraid it'll have some problem with it and I will have another seller on my case. Save me from the crazies!!! (I'm not anti-seller, I've done my share of selling on eBay and had crazy buyers, believe me).

So here is my list of complaints, please add yours below. Let it rip, swear words don't offend me. =)

1. I am tired of being on the work treadmill. Is this all there really is to life?

2. Tired of having to pay high prices for good vintage stuff (yeah, this is more of a whine than a complaint lol).

3. I want a magic wand so I can wave it and have my house fixed up. Without the major headaches of hiring people to do it for me. I'll throw money their way if they can just get it done right.

4. I am tired. How come everyone else can sleep a full 8 hours, but I seem to sleep for only 5-6 hours at best and wake up every hour on the hour. Why, WHY?

OK, by now I have lost 90% of you and I don't blame you! Some days I have nothing clever or witty to say or any cool photos to show. Please forgive me and just smile and nod.

For the other 10% feel free to list your complaints below.

Happy Sunday everyone! =D