Friday, July 16, 2010

Keep It Cool - Vintage Lawn Sprinklers

Whoo it's hotter than Hades here...

But you can keep cool with a vintage lawn sprinkler...

I've been using a chipped metal painted yellow one that my folks got back in the 50's...

Works great!

Pick up a couple for your mid-century place if you don't have any.

Most of these are cheap, cheap cheap!

Find these and more HERE.


  1. Love the bug. lol

    I remember every single one of the others. My parents had all of them (except the one with wheels) at some point in time.

    My in-laws had that last one.

    Remember running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day?

  2. Oh that just makes me want to run through the sprinklers, especially since our a/c died today. And living in Phoenix, no a/c makes it a tad bit warmish inside. Also, I adore that bug!

  3. I passed one up at Salvation Army -turquoise! I am still kicking myself-Zootsuitmama

  4. we don't usually need lawn sprinklers in the UK ;o) But lately we could do with them! Love the bug

  5. I've never seen a sprinkler like the first one before - really cool.