Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is This Modern or Mid-Century

Advertised as a mid-century silkscreen on wooden board, 8 x 12"

I know a lot of my blog friends are artists, namely, Altered artists and Outsider artists.

Back in my former life, in addition to other mediums, I was an Altered/Outsider artist too. And I still keep up with the trends of Altered art and Outsider art.

I started creating my own Altered art when I first saw an Altered book in an art show in 1996, long before there were magazines like Somerset, etc. Even before the whole scrapbooking trend caught on. Altered art has been around longer, but it didn't become popular in mainstream until about the early 2000's.

Outsider art is a trend I have followed since before Basquiat.

What I am trying to say is, I've "been in the scene" for a while now. But by no means an expert.

At any rate, I have seen a lot of Altered and Outsider art. I know what the current styles and trends are.

Now here is the observation:

This silkscreen is advertised as "Mid-Century".

But the bird on the head: says "more modern".

The scribble of a white colored pencil drawn 'randomly' across the artwork says "modern".

I know, I've done the exact same thing to make an Altered artwork look "older" and more "interesting". Not to deceive, but this is what I and at least one other artist has been doing as part of the overall composition in recent years. But it's not exactly a revelation to do this.

The back:

Looks like a stained pattern, not "old wood".

Now here is my question for my artistic and other blog friends:

Do you think this is really modern, or do you think this is mid-century?

Thanks for your opinion!