Friday, July 9, 2010

I Needed An Atomic Bomb To Open The Fallout Shelter Package

So I get this flat, rigid cardboard package in the mail, and to be honest, I forgot what it might be.

It looked like a sheet of super, heavy duty cardboard that was folded twice in half.

OK, so I slit the three sides that look like they would open...

And... They didn't.

Slit a few more times, trying hard not to cut my fingers off like I almost did with a package of Life magazines I'd bought, and...

Still didn't open.

I tried to pry open the edges and be darned if they weren't glued with some super-dooper gorilla glue or something, because they were sealed tighter than a drum!

I finally grabbed a hammer, and used the claw part to pound a wedge between the cardboard layers, and it was STILL glued shut!

What in holy heck was in here? Was it a joke and someone from Canada mailed me a heavy-duty fold of glued cardboard?

More hacking and wedging and prying with the claw hammer, and FINALLY I see a separation of the layers.

The cardboard so stiff, I had difficulty getting my fingers in to open it enough to try and feel what was inside?

Finally a sheet for brown paper comes out.

OK, I see a white edge.

FINALLY I pull the Fallout Shelter sign from it's impossible packaging.

One top edge slightly dinged from the hammer because there was NO other way to open that sucker up.

I've never had a package wrapped and glued like that before in my decade buying on eBay. Yikes!

I think it would have survived an atomic blast.

I checked the sellers feedback (new seller) and a couple other people complained about the same thing. Oh well, hope they learn, good packing is good, impossible packing is bad!

Happy Friday!


  1. I've got one of those on my bathroom door!

  2. The title of your post made me laugh (sorry)...... and then I get to 59Kustom's comment. :) Thanks for the entertainment you two! LOL Pam @ Sallygoodin

  3. Oh wow! Where are ya gonna put it? zootsuitmama

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  5. Hammer! *snicker* ....Good thing you didn't go for the blow-torch =P

  6. hmm yeah that is frustrating...

  7. oh dear I do love it when people package well but then there is packaging TOO well! Love that 59Kustom has it on the bathroom door he he!

  8. I need one of those for my husband's bathroom door, believe me on that one. I've never heard of someone packaging like that but I'm sure he/she won't do it again. I mean, opening a piece of folded cardboard with a hammer is f**king HILARIOUS.

  9. Not sure where I will put it, probably here in my space room/atomic shelter. It's bigger than I thought!

    I did mention in feedback that I almost demolished the sign trying to get it out of the packing, and the seller emailed asking if it was OK, and seemed surprised the packing was a challenge?

    Taping the cardboard shut was fine, but gluing it with some kind of wide strip of adhesive all around the sign inside the cardboard was bad!

    I've never seen anything like it... Yikes!