Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feel Free To Buy Me These Vintage Space Items =)

Astronaut Space Helmet by Ideal....

Cool graphics...

Front and back...

And you too can be your own astronaut!

Comes with "communicator device" (I think it's like a kazoo).

Cool flip-up photon shield!

Only $195 Buy It Now on... eBay, of course!

Would I be a "Commie" if I admitted, I like some of the vintage Soviet Space memorabilia?

Their graphics had their own style, and I think, are just as strong in their way and design.

The only thing is, I'm hesitant to send my dollars out to somewhere like Bulgaria or the Soviet countries. How long before their yak mail system delivers? And will I ever get my item or does the KGB control all this stuff? (No offense to my friends in Russia =) )

And then you see things like this UFO inspired table lighter and you think: "Hmmm, would look so cool next to my boomerang tripod ashtrays".

I passed on them all, but I sure do like them.

Is it odd for a woman to like space stuff? I guess not...

What sort of "non-traditional" things do you like?