Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feel Free To Buy Me These Vintage Space Items =)

Astronaut Space Helmet by Ideal....

Cool graphics...

Front and back...

And you too can be your own astronaut!

Comes with "communicator device" (I think it's like a kazoo).

Cool flip-up photon shield!

Only $195 Buy It Now on... eBay, of course!

Would I be a "Commie" if I admitted, I like some of the vintage Soviet Space memorabilia?

Their graphics had their own style, and I think, are just as strong in their way and design.

The only thing is, I'm hesitant to send my dollars out to somewhere like Bulgaria or the Soviet countries. How long before their yak mail system delivers? And will I ever get my item or does the KGB control all this stuff? (No offense to my friends in Russia =) )

And then you see things like this UFO inspired table lighter and you think: "Hmmm, would look so cool next to my boomerang tripod ashtrays".

I passed on them all, but I sure do like them.

Is it odd for a woman to like space stuff? I guess not...

What sort of "non-traditional" things do you like?



  1. Awesome! I had a moon and rocket bank, but my daughter broke it when she was a baby. Oh well, if I had everything that has been broken, my house would burst with junk! Zootsuitmama

  2. That rocket lamp is frikkin AMAZING! It looks like it is blasting offa the table. My Dad loves all of this space age stuff. He remembers actually having it the first time around. He still longs for some of his long lost Tom Corbett stuff. I think a lot of boys and girls were into it...EVERYONE was into it! I like a lotta boy stuff too, so I wouldn't worry about it LOL!

  3. I've already tried to get that helmet and many others many, many, many times... so far no luck :P If anything the prices have gotten higher *sigh*

    The soviet memorabilia is always great. It has a "heroic" stylized quality that I've always secretly envied.

  4. There are 3 fairly common mechanical rocket banks, zoot... They come up on eBay all the time, in various levels of condition.

    Amber, there is one other style much like that I have seen, with a "swoop" style rocket trail that lights up. =D Lots of Tom Corbett stuff on eBay too...

    I keep searching for good deals on all sorts of things, Space Commander, but I just lost out on a screaming deal for a bullet planter because I forgot the ending time waaaaaaaa =O

    Holiday weekends are the best times to find deals. =)

  5. Oh I really like the Soviet stuff! And it's not weird for a woman to like it. Not to me anyway. FYI, I've bought stuff from Bulgaria and Turkey on ebay and have had no problems at all. I found the postage expensive but fast and the sellers I dealt with very professional.

  6. Hmm wow, first person I have spoken to, who had experience buying from sellers like that. Thanks kVk, I will consider it in the future!

  7. Yeah they have some great Art Deco and bakelite stuff over there. Just imagine what treasures are lurking in little attics and basements in areas that weren't decimated in WW11. Makes me want to go there on a big buying trip :)

  8. I love the table lighter and I don't even know anyone who smokes but it is sooo cool!!

  9. Yea, you're a commie but at least one with good taste--that lighter is incredible. And why not make a space helmet out of aluminum foil and a coat hanger--it would fit AND you might get transmissions from Mars!!!

  10. I've had a few pieces of Soviet space memorabilia over the years, including that paperweight of the rocket flying around the globe. For the most part, I've sold it all off, though I do still have a few vintage pins commemorating various events in the history of soviet space exploration.

    Those lamps are neat... I don't have one myself, but a friend of mine does. Smaller than I imagined... For some reason, I always figured they'd be large floor lamps, but the ones I've seen are about a foot tall.

  11. I'll always love Sputnik, regardless lol...

    Yeah, the lamps are table top sized. When photographed in the dark, they don't put off much light either, just a single small light in the lucite base, as far as I can tell.

    Still, really neat. =)