Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do You Collect - Vintage Charm Bracelets?

On reflecting over Vintage Christines amazing giveaway, I thought more about what kind of item I have been yearning for, but have yet to get.

Some indulgence just for me. Something I have yet to allow myself to have.

And today I remembered: How much I have been wanting a vintage charm bracelet. For years. Decades, in fact.

(No, this is not a sympathy ploy to get on Christine's good side lol, but it sparked the train of thought).

But the first few years on eBay, back around 2000, I saw the "good" one's never ever sold in a price range I could afford. Ever. They are also very popular. If they have moveable charms, even more so.

But I have been charmed by these since I was a girl. I have never owned a "real" charm bracelet.

In looking around eBay today, I see a few "themed" bracelets, shown here. Which is cool. Very cool. But no themes that scream: "Buy me!"

Still very expensive (for something I'd buy for myself, because I never buy for myself, you know me, I buy practical things for my house), but most bracelets are made up of random charms.

And upon close inspection, few of the bracelets that have a lot of charms, are all charms I'd want. And at the prices they sell for, I want to want them all.

I'd love to have each charm be "personal" to me, to have some kind of meaning or significance, but buying charms individually is even more costly, when you add it all up.

So here is my question for you gals who have a "good" charm bracelet:

Did you buy one with charms you mostly liked, removed some and added to it, or did you hold out until you found that "perfect" bracelet, and paid whatever the cost for it was?

And by the way, if you have a really nice vintage charm bracelet, I would love LOVE to see a lot of photos of it, detailed photos on your blog, and why each charm has meaning to you, if any. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know, so I am sure not to miss it!