Monday, July 5, 2010

Advantages of Being Home on Holidays

I admit it. I tend to stay home on holidays, wanting to avoid crowds and drunks and noise and general nuisance.

But one advantage, is finding eBay auctions ending on those days when most folks are out partying and such. And away from their bidding habits.

Just like yesterday.

Now of course, that brass starburst door escutcheon sold for for more than I was willing to pay, but this atomic particle starburst living room lamp, which will match my atomic particle starburst lamp finial perfectly, sold for cheap. Snag.

Some starburst flatware like we used to have as kids. I still dig some of it up in the garden every once in a while. Why the heck it got out there is beyond me.

And finally. Some lava glaze mid century handmade pottery.

This always sells for more than I am willing to pay, so getting two was a 'win'.

And since these two little mid century vases were cheap... Snag.

And snag. Same seller, shipping combined.

My 1950's pottery collection is starting to overflow the little 1950's wooden shelf I have. Guess it's time to remove all the vases I've bought that didn't turn out to be actual handmade, but were manufactured (and sold in the wrong category).

At any rate, I hope all of you had a safe and sane Fourth of July. if it was insane, DO share!!