Saturday, July 17, 2010

1939 Worlds Fair Art Deco Plate

This is jaw-dropping beautiful. I've never seen a plate like this for the 1939 World's Fair, but then again, as much as I love LOVE 1939 Worlds Fair items, it's one of those categories I have to stay away from, mainly because I have to limit myself somewhere. And there are too may other collectors of this. Same with atomic bomb items. I just have to let most of those go. Too many other collectors.

But this was too amazing not to share with the rest of you. I will not be bidding on this, but thought it worthy of posting, just as I posted the pink starburst wall clock a short while ago in my last post.

Check out this amazing 1939 World's Fair plate auction HERE.


I do not know nor endorse this particular seller. This auction item is brought to you for entertainment and visual stimulation only. If you wish to bid, research the seller yourself before deciding. If you do win it, show us photos!!