Friday, July 30, 2010

Mid-Century Coolness

Every once in a while, an auction photo will grab my attention.

Don't you just love the look of this fiberglass eye lamp globe and the metal fish on the wall?

If you do, you can buy them! Check them out lamp HERE and fish HERE.

The hanging orange lamp is also for sale.

The same seller has some other cool stuff too. Always smart to show some of your other items for sale displayed in each photo. It encourages multiple sales.

Oh and I will NOT be bidding on these, so no competition worries IF you decide you want to bid.


I am not an eBay spokesmodel, nor am I remunerated for this post. This is NOT an endorsement of this particular seller, I do not know who they are. I simply like these auctions enough to share them with you. As always, check them out for yourself and make your own informed decision before bidding and buying. Thank you for your support.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uncle Atom is Having a Giveaway!

To celebrate 50 followers, Uncle Atom is giving this mint in box flying saucer hanging lamp! Wow!! I want this soooo bad!

Check out his blog and enter HERE. Also, be sure to follow his blog and add to his admirers, he posts nothing but super cool retro, atomic, mid-century stuff.

Congrats Uncle Atom on 50+ followers!

Please Buy This For Me: Working Moving Model of the Solar System

I find this fascinating! An Orrery brand working, moving model of the Solar System. Like a clock. A replica of an antique. Would look perfect in my mid-century Space theme room.

They only run about $600 lol....

But for $600, I'll need a muse to buy it for me. =)

On another note, whoever told me the three 1960's blue face sculptures in my previous post were new and from Pier One, was mistaken. =)

I googled the heck out of those yesterday, and they are not anything I've found to be from any "new" store.

Saw these amazing 1950's enamel coasters months ago, but lost the bid back then. They sold for too much money. But I was able to pick them up the other day for a song, and they arrived in record time!

I'm a teetotaler, alcohol never did anything for me but make me stupid, so I never have been much of a drinker.

And as such, I'm not into "bar ware" despite now owning 4 matching bar stools and this fine set of bar drink coasters, but do any of you collect bar wear, and do you have an actual bar?

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are These Eames Era 1960's or Not? Your Opinion?

Were iridescent paints used in the 1960's?

What do you think?

Made in the 1960's or not?

Oh and if you missed it in my last post, those gravel art pictures sold for a whopping $828!! They even look a little too new to be vintage, if you ask me. The back of them didn't look aged at all. Gee, if I made some, think I could get as much? ;)

I know, I know, always skeptical!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Did I Tell You All About Vintage Gravel Art?

A few + months ago, I said vintage gravel art would be a hot collectable, and snag it up while it's cheap.

Well, 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady nails it again lol...


This sold for $828.00!!!

Check the current soon to end auction HERE.

If you want me to read your future, arrange paypal payment via my email posted at the right side lolol....

Still want to know, which one of you bought the Sputnik lamps I posted about a short while ago!

Which One Of You Bought These Sputnik Lamps?

OK, which one of my uber cool blogger friends bought this awesome set of lamps?

I considered it... A lot!

But at $60 + s/h my common sense and practicality kicked in and I told myself I could get a set of table lamps that put out far more light for roughly the same amount of money.

And it said" "artisan made" which made me wonder if they were vintage/mid-century or not? That makes a difference, to me.

Bah... Why do I have to be so practical? lol...

But check out this lamp, auction ending in one day:

A real mid-century, eames sputnik beauty of it's own!

Find it HERE.

By the way, and VERY cool. The buyer of that awesome NASA space charm bracelet found my blog and the post I made, and responded! HERE.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are finding outrageous deals on vintage wherever you go!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank You Zootsuitmama!

A big thank you to our very own zootsuitmama for her wonderful giveaway gift to me. This lovely vintage tablecloth.

Thank you! I love it!

World Time Clock

Thanks to one of my smart fellow bloggers/readers, you have helped me to learn that this item I snagged on eBay, is a model of a real clock!

I'd never heard of it, which is strange.

But now I know:

The World Time Clock is one of the Alexanderplatz's most well-known features. It was constructed in 1969 as part of the square's redevelopment and has become a popular meeting point.

Weighing 16 tonnes and 10 metres tall, it features a revolving cylinder with the world's 24 time zones bearing the names of major cities in each zone. The mechanism constructed in a way which enables the current time in each zone to be read.

The clock is topped by a simplified model of the solar system, which revolves once a minute.

And the actual world time clock located in Berlin! The top part rotates.

I have the smartest and best followers in the world! Thank you!

And thank you everyone for all of your tips and tricks and suggestions about getting the musty smell from my new chair. I will let you know what I try, and what works. =)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ahhh The Lovey Smell Of Musty Mold - What To Do?

So my beautiful vintage mid-century 1950's vinyl slipper vanity boudoir chair arrived yesterday. I do love it, simply gorgeous!

And best of all, it was $16. That's like 10 British pounds for my UK friends. $18 for my Aussie friends.


No way could I pass on this.

But as I opened the heavy and large box, that familiar and unwelcome scent hit my nose. The one I was just talking about in a prior post.

It smelled musty. =(

It arrived on a warm day, from a hot truck, so I let it sit overnight, but there is no mistaking the smell.

It's not overpowering, but definitely there.

The smell is coming from the underside of the seat, which seems to be made up of a thin layer of straw material and some foam.

I googled and found a whole argument of ways to take care of it: Yes bleach water, no bleach water, yes vinegar, no vinegar, yes baking soda, no baking soda, yes kitty litter, no kitty litter.

It was dizzying!!

I'm curious if any of you have had this issue, and took care of it in a way that worked?

I'm confident I can find a solution with a few attempts, perhaps.

And of course the seller who MUST have known about it as s/he disassembled it, hasn't said a word. A gold seal power seller.

I'll withhold my feedback for now on this. If I can easily get the stank out, I just might give them a glowing review. Even though I know it was a pain to disassemble and pack this, and I DO appreciate the fantastic deal, they live in a part of the country that obviously gets mold and mildew, so they must have had an idea this had a scent to it.

Annnnd a HUGE "Thank You!!" to zootsuitmama for the lovely tablecloth I got from her! Pictures to follow.

Well, happy Friday! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What The Hell Are Those?! 1950's Handmade Pottery

OK I admit it.

I have a passion for these little ugly 1950's mid-century handmade pots or vases.

And these are SO odd, I just had to have them. Oh and no one else bid on these either lol...

I don't collect any well-known potters work. I don't really know any. I don't study this area of collecting at all.

Why collect these? Heck, I have no clue why I like these. I took a ceramics class in High School, but my artistic skills lay in other mediums.

I remember Mom doing a sculpture of a nude once. Never finished it.

So I don't know why these grab my attention! I like the lop-sided, handmade, simple designs made with earth tone glazes types of pots and vases that no one else wants. I adore them!

OK, time to confess. Do you have a secret passion for an oddity?

Do you have a stash of vintage hand-knitted toilet paper roll cozies in the shapes of poodles:

...Or a gaggle of nail and string artworks made in the 70's that NO ONE ELSE seems to be collecting?

Share YOUR odd collection!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Pink - Share Your Color Collection

zootsuitmama asked us to show our own pink collection, so I went around taking quick photos of a few of my pink vintage things. I won't post them all, because well, 16 photos are enough!

Would love to see the rest of you share your color collection on your blogs. Doesn't have to be pink, show us your favorite color collection!

First up (above) is an awesome biomorphic ashtray on a metal tripod stand.

Vintage pink jacket (doll or childs size).

Don't forget, you can click on any image to see a larger view if you'd like. =)

Quilts, we can't have too many quilts! The one underneath the pink one is a boys quilt, and has rockets, sports and air planes in the design. I love it.

Repro vintage fainting couch for dollies. Here I have a Boyds Bear cat and his girlfriend. Vintage lace.

Pink stuff here and there...

Pink jewelry and dish.

There's some pink stuff here too. I painted the flower and the pink frame.

Pink Vintage rotary General Electric phone like we used to have. That's not my phone number lol...

Pink cone lamp on tripod stand. I love this.

Pink cats and quilt. Grandmothers Garden design, I believe.

I have a pair of these pink lamps and a brass thing that matches.

I'm proud of this signed Eames enamel art tray I bought years ago before I was focused exclusively on 1950's.

Pink atomic lamp and gosh darn, now that I look at the lampshade closely, it's purple, not pink like I thought. Hmmm not sure what to do about that.

Pink embroidery, not very clean, is it? lol... I still love it.

Vintage handpainted tole tray and boomerang dish.

Annnnnd pink rose dish and pink flamingo post cards!

I hope you enjoyed my collection of vintage pink, please share your favorite color collection in any color you like best on your blog!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have You Ever Had This Happen?

This wonderful atomic magazine rack arrived yesterday, well packed, but as soon as I cut the box open, I smelled a familiar smell:

Cheap spray paint. (It has a sort of funky smell to it, if you have ever used it).

And as I unwrapped it, I saw that this magazine rack was a perfect flat black.

As I grabbed it by the spring-like wire grip, I saw a hint of gold underneath.

It had recently been sprayed a flat black from it's original gold finish.

This seller sells nothing but mid-century, and had obviously sprayed it themselves. With NO mention in the description.


I'm not sure I mind, exactly, but a mention of it in the auction would have been proper, don't you think?

I hope that funky smell dissipates soon.

I once bought a vintage travel shaving kit in a plastic-like bag, and the seller had wiped it down with pure Lysol, which I cannot STAND! (I think it was musty, and they were trying to cover the bad smell).

It reeked so bad, I put it on the back porch where it continued to reek for months. I finally threw it out.

Ever have something like this happen to you?

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Things We Want... But Pass On....

Came across this stupendous vintage NASA space charm bracelet. The listing said, this belonged to a NASA photographers wife, and every time there was a new rocket deployment or some such, they would get a charm.

I ooooo and ahhhh'd it and decided to pass. It sold for $152, and I simply have not been studying the vintage bracelet category long enough to feel good bidding on something I wasn't very familiar with. Vintage charm bracelets are something I don't know much about, enough to make an educated bid, at any rate.

What vintage treasures have you passed on, when your heart was telling you: "Yes yes!" and your mind was saying "Not yet"..?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do You Collect - Vintage Charm Bracelets?

On reflecting over Vintage Christines amazing giveaway, I thought more about what kind of item I have been yearning for, but have yet to get.

Some indulgence just for me. Something I have yet to allow myself to have.

And today I remembered: How much I have been wanting a vintage charm bracelet. For years. Decades, in fact.

(No, this is not a sympathy ploy to get on Christine's good side lol, but it sparked the train of thought).

But the first few years on eBay, back around 2000, I saw the "good" one's never ever sold in a price range I could afford. Ever. They are also very popular. If they have moveable charms, even more so.

But I have been charmed by these since I was a girl. I have never owned a "real" charm bracelet.

In looking around eBay today, I see a few "themed" bracelets, shown here. Which is cool. Very cool. But no themes that scream: "Buy me!"

Still very expensive (for something I'd buy for myself, because I never buy for myself, you know me, I buy practical things for my house), but most bracelets are made up of random charms.

And upon close inspection, few of the bracelets that have a lot of charms, are all charms I'd want. And at the prices they sell for, I want to want them all.

I'd love to have each charm be "personal" to me, to have some kind of meaning or significance, but buying charms individually is even more costly, when you add it all up.

So here is my question for you gals who have a "good" charm bracelet:

Did you buy one with charms you mostly liked, removed some and added to it, or did you hold out until you found that "perfect" bracelet, and paid whatever the cost for it was?

And by the way, if you have a really nice vintage charm bracelet, I would love LOVE to see a lot of photos of it, detailed photos on your blog, and why each charm has meaning to you, if any. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know, so I am sure not to miss it!

More Cold War Mid-Century Atomic Bomb Goodies

I'm not exactly sure why I keep coming back to this subject of mid-century collecting. Does it really matter? lol... The Cold War was very real, very frightening and I suppose it was the "big boogie man" of the 1950's +, after World War ll had ended.

Also, part of it for me at least, is recreating the era, and all that it entailed. The good and the bad. From the large to the small. From major pieces of furniture and appliances to the small details inside each desk or kitchen drawer. And this was a significant aspect of the 1950's, in addition to the Space Race. I mean, these were the big news topics of the day.

So once again, I am featuring some auctions, yes all eBay, of items related to these wonderful pieces of history. Some items are "expensive", some are very affordable.

You know the drill by now…


I do not know any of these sellers personally, nor am I endorsing these particular auctions. I share these with you on my blog to help you perhaps expand your own collecting, to bring you something unusual, and timely. Please do your own research on each if you decide to bid. Thank you for your time.

I am loving this Civil Defense cardboard store display complete with a stack of original cards! Find it HERE.

Atomic Bomb dexterity puzzle. These come up on a regular basis. Find it HERE.

Atomic Bomb newspaper headline. These come up quite often. Find it HERE.

Super cool atomic bomb lamp!

Find it HERE.

There are a lot more things to find. Simply do a subject search, and you will bring up all kinds of goodies in all price ranges. Hey, we all need a fallout shelter sign at the very least, right? Or a Time magazine featuring the subject.

Happy Sunday and don't forget to be prepared in case of a nuclear attack!