Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I Can't Show My House Off Yet - But Photos Anyway

OK, to prove to some of you that your house does NOT need to be perfect to show off, here are some photos of my current "disaster". Click on the photos if you REALLY want to see details.

Master bedroom:

Here we have the desk in the master bedroom, covered in paint chips colors while I decide room colors, and things that will go in other rooms when I get them fixed up.

Yes I photoshopped some paint on the walls because they need painting. Badly. You don't want to see that lol...

Yes, there is a bed under all that fine, mid-century stuff. Piled on here while I am getting the living room painted etc etc... Mostly stuff from the living room here, waiting to be put back in there.

Bedroom #1:

This room, bedroom #1 is dedicated to many of the things Mom loved, so it's very "shabby chic". I just don't have the heart to get rid of any more of her beloved possessions than I already have.

Mom love LOVED dolls. Some old and her rag dolls she hand-sewed. By hand. No machine. The only two "good" remaining dolls from Grandma in the chair.

A mix of my toys, her toys and Grandma's toys and other vintage stuff.

"Teddy", my late, eldest brothers bear and a locket of his hair and a photo of he and Mom when he got Teddy for Christmas. I sure do miss my family.

Mom had a lot of religious statues and angels and such, but she wasn't religious. She just loved them.

Cats and quilts.

A photo of my grandma in 1918, and the dress she wore in the photo.

And more of the "pink room", the vintage crib and Mom's rag dolls. I showed this room off before, apologies if you have seen these before.

This will be the only room that displays so much "stuff". The others will be VERY streamline.

Well, sorry, hardly very 1950's and hardly a single starburst clock or atomic lamp to share just yet. But since you all were kind enough to share, thought I'd be brave and show why I can't!

It's... Because... I'm... Still... Working... On... It!