Saturday, June 26, 2010

White Atomic Chairs Update #342


She finally called this morning. Good thing I get up early, or she would have been treated to my old lady morning voice lol...

She had been "texting messages to my phone".

I told her, I am old, I don't text and neither does my phone.

Ha ha. Kids today.

At any rate, Simon, my personal Australian picker-upper of large and crazy eBay purchases, is on his way to Gardena CA to pick these up.

Oh but he wanted to finish watching a movie first. Is that some kind of code for something? Because if I needed money, I'd be out the door lol... Just sayin'

She said they are dusty again, should she wipe them down?

I said I didn't care.

I just want this latest drama to end.

I didn't tell her that last part, I was thinking it.

Thank you very much.

Let this be a cautionary tale.

You'd better really, really want something badly if you try to buy large items from eBay!


Simon just called and asked for an additional $50 for picking these up.

I'm already paying him a generous $200. I paid him $500 to get the appliances.

Ahhhhh well, I guess when I think about who I want to do some electrical work, I sure won't be calling on him, now will I?

Why are people penny wise and pound foolish is beyond me.

I would have hired him to change all the plugs and light switches in my whole house.

But I guess he doesn't need the work that bad.

Oh well.

The drama continues...

Happy Saturday!


  1. Yay I'm glad they are finally on their way! My husband never texts either if anyone did text him he wouldn't even know where to look on his phone. People should never assume, if you bought on ebay I'd assume you emailed and that's what I'd do.

    ANYWAY glad you are getting it and if you see a small burgundy, dark red lamp for cheap on ebay with cheap UK shipping don't forget to give me the nod!!

  2. Hiya STM. My phone rings, I answer it. It plugs in the wall. I don't think it texts lol...

    Will keep an eye out for lamps, because I spend a lot of time searching eBay, and lamps as well!

  3. *texting to the Ranch Lady - wondering why she don't ever reply*

    Hooray! I'll be glad when all this drama ends too... Isn't that special that she offered to wipe them down for you again? LoL!

  4. Yeah Space Commander, because I think she went to the same charm school as the seller who asked you if he could remove the bulbs from your Sputnik lamp before shipping it...


  5. Sure, wipe them down as long as you do it with your TONGUE you miserable piece of s**t. Oh, you DIDN'T say that? That was me just thinking it? Sorry. At the rate you're going, your friend will decide he likes them too much to bring to you and will take them back to Australia. I'm feeling particularly evil this morning for some reason . . .

  6. Um, geez louise, people can be's the word?...........Challenging, is that what you were thinking? :)

    Please let me know whan you finally get them. Cripes- be done drama!

  7. LOl Christine!

    Darlene, I'm pissed to be honest. $500 to get the appliances. OK, that's what I would have paid for a shipper. The HIGH end shipper. I was being nice.

    So $200 to spend 3 hours on the road and pick up a few chairs, and he wants to bitch about the $200 "because it will take several hours out of his day"?

    He'll get his $250, and not another penny from me ever again.

    I should have rented an SUV for $100 and got them myself.

    *rolling eyes*

  8. LoL Christine...

    Now Ranch Lady, you have to understand that Mick the official Atomic Ranch House mover is a very busy man. He was probably watching those snake wranglers on the Discovery channel...

  9. lolol........

    How can someone be so damn dumb?

    Why act stupid for $50 and lose future work, you know, the kind of work that will earn him some big bucks?

    I don't get it...

    But he won't get it either. Get it? ar-ar-ar....

    I hope he has to wrangle come big crocks on the 405 on his way over there hee hee...

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  11. Hahaha hey, apparently I caught adult-onset dyslexia in my old age lol...

    It only reveals itself when I hit the "send" or "post" button... arg arg...

  12. Drooling all over my keyboard over these chairs!!! OHMYGAWD!!! I am insanely jealous and wish that I could resume my "junking up the house" as my hubby put it once very early on in our relationship, before he had a good lesson in Mid Century Modern design...and fab taste! hehehe! Love em!

  13. Hiya and thanks Retro Girl.

    It sure was a pain getting them here!