Friday, June 25, 2010

White Atomic Chairs Update #296

How many times have I posted about this now? Six? Twenty? One hundred and fifty two?

The seller finally responded to my last round of emails 9 days later.

I sent her my phone number each time, so we could arrange the pick up and you know, maybe she could give me her address?

So how does she respond?

With her phone number.

OK, so I call her yesterday.

Answering machine message.

I ask her to please call so we can arrange details for Saturday.

That's tomorrow.

No word yet.

Please thump me in the head next time I try to buy a "pick up only" eBay item?

I think I'm going to go check some local furniture stores for a couch. I can't stand all the eBay seller drama!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Ring-ring! ring-ring!... "Hello, I am sorry but I can't be bothered by helping to make arrangements so that you can pick up your furniture... Thank you and please Shop again. Have a Nice Day!"

    Oh I feel so BAD for you!!! If it wasn't so frustrating, it'd be... well... kinda funny =X

  2. Thankfully, I am a shriveled up old lady, so these things don't bother me like they did when I was a whippersnapper lol... So feel free to laugh. I am, in between eye rolls. Ha ha.

    One thing is sure... She's gonna get dinged hard for "Lack of Communication".

    Uh yeah, and with a feedback of (18), that's gonna hurt *ouch*

  3. Ugh!Ebay has some of the worst sellers I swear!

  4. Double the ouch! Looks like Ding-dong will be getting the message on Life's Lessons the hard way, Oops! Did I say that out loud? *smirk*

  5. The furniture is worth it; this seller, uh.....not so much! Geez Louise! :( Keep us posted. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  6. I admit, it's taken me 2 weeks to get my guy to go pick these up, but the seller didn't mind (thank you seller).

    But getting a response from her is like pulling teef lol...

    I don't like to give sellers low stars or rating, I really don't, but I no longer let incompetency slide either.

    I'm easy to please, but please don't make it a challenge. =)

  7. I have never tried doing the local pick up option for evilbay......sorry you are going through such hassle......if its any consolation, I think those chairs are totally worth it!

  8. Personally, I think it's because you initially didn't want the barstools and now THEY don't want to come to live at your house because they know you want to sell them. It really has nothing to do with the seller.

    Yeah. Right.

  9. Hahaha....

    I'm trying to think of a place for those bar stools, but I... just... don't.... drink, so....

    Think they would make good slipper chairs in the master bedroom? Ha!