Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where Is Our Mz Chickens?

Where did Mz Chickens go?

Buying more chickens?

Investing in a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise?

Braiding chicken feathers in her hair?

Secretly coveting geese instead of chickens these days?

I hope all is well with her?

Calling Mz Chickens, check in with us!

Put your guess as to what she is doing here!


  1. Click on the link in my post to visit her blog.

    She is one of our 'blogger family' I guess you could say. =)

  2. I do wish she'd check in....a wicked storm hits and we hear nothing after that? I'm starting to worry.

  3. I havent heard from her since last week! Zootsuitmama

  4. Maybe she is in the basement, with the chickens! I know I've been crazy busy this summer, I bet she is too. I hope she is on vacation somewhere, enjoying herself!