Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Treasures Are In Your Cigar Boxes?

Thanks to inspiration from our darling Mz Pixie and a while ago from Mr Space Commander, who I think got the idea from someone else, I thought I'd ask you all:

What's in your old cigar boxes?

Above is a vintage picnic basket, full of my old cigar boxes. Of course my vintage soda pop bottle cap collection is just to the left in the vintage red Pyrex fridge glass thingie...

The painted box on top has: old office supplies. Love the little containers.

And the boxes inside the picnic basket.

Some of the old pens and such Dad used to bring home from his top secret Government job. It really was Top Secret, I never saw his office the decades he was there. Oops ignore the modern Bic pens lol...

Vintage greeting cards.

Overflow of vintage lace and such.

Dad used to deal in coins for a while there when I was a kid. Oh and the $2 bills I added to his collection.

For you Disneyland Anaheim CA lovers, two photos my folks took of Disneyland just before it opened, from the parking lot.

More of those super secret Government pens Dad used to bring home, and a couple old ties.

This one is special, because it has a lot of personal treasures, much like Mr Space Commander shared. I collected these together after I was a kid, so it wasn't my "kid box", but it has an awful lot of personal meaning to me.

And some of my vintage art supplies... Ok I cheated, that's not a cigar box lol...

Which also hold more vintage art supplies.

Now, share with us, what is in YOUR cigar boxes! Either a short note here, or better yet, a post with photos on your own blog, if you wish.

Share your treasures!