Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well That Sneaky Pink Cart Seller Is A Shiller? I Am Shocked!!

It's a good thing I didn't bid on this item. Something sneaky going on here...

Old auction HERE. Ended yesterday.

Relisted auction HERE Relisted yesterday.

OK, if you are going to shill your own auction, perhaps it's best if you wait a FEW days before relisting it, when it has 3 visible bids and a clear "winner"? At least make it LOOK like you might have had a non-paying bidder *smirk*

It's a pink kitchen cart, not a Pollock or a rare Majestic lamp fer crying out loud lol...

So I must be a masochist, because I won another lamp shade. I passed over two sellers who had slightly less than stellar feedback in order to select one I HOPE will get this here in one un-crushed piece. Crossing my fingers!

Come home to Mama and the pink lamp home I have waiting for you!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Beware of lions and tigers and shillers Oh My!