Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage Soda Pop Bottle Cap Collection

I wanted to move on from my earlier post, to something more charming. Crushed lampshades and difficult sellers are two things I don't want to dwell on.

A couple of you asked about my vintage soda pop bottle cap collection from my previous post on cigar boxes.

So here it is in all it's technicolor glory lol...

Well, for those of you who are not old and decrepit like me, soda used to be sold in glass bottles. You used a bottle opener to open them. Nothing twisted off on these babies!

The caps had a cork lining underneath to help hold the metal against the glass top. And they were often colorful little works of art!

My favorite are the Ritz brand.

These are now used in Altered Artworks as my more artistic friends know.

Back in the day, we made little figures out of these by stringing them together front to back, running a wire through the layers, making arms and legs much like you might have also seen done with buttons.

Tramp art or folk art is what they call it now. Back then, we called it fun! (This is not mine, I stole it off the internet lol).

Do you collect any sort of soda related items?


  1. Soda pop caps? Bah. What I want to see is that Pyrex container holding them, ha ha ha. I don't collect bottle caps. Is there something wrong with me? I thought I collected EVERYTHING?!

  2. lol everytime I look at someone else's blog, I get the urge to collect whatever it is they collect. =D

    The pyrex? It's an icky yukky faded red color on the outside. I think I paid 25 cents for it lol...

  3. I sorta collect soda bottles, but they aren't vintage. I get the tall bottles of Pepsi from the local Taqueria and after I have enjoyed all of the delicious "Mexican-style" pop (they use real cane sugar, not corn syrup...yummy!) I take them home to use as window props. My crappy old apartment has tons of windows, but none of them stay open. The tall soda bottles work great and they totally look vintage!

  4. I have a little collection of soda pop tops, I keep em in a see through bottle with a cork on top!
    I have a few of yours, they are similar anyway.
    Mostly all mine are the off brand sorts
    Maybe I will share my collection too :)

  5. I don't like this post, why? Because now I want yummy-sounding sodas from the past that we can't get anymore! But really, these are awesome and for some reason I'm imagining them being made into magnets, I think I've seen cool recycling projects or items sold on Etsy using these neato old bottle caps :)

  6. Cool Amber, I'll have to try Taqueria sodas!

    Yes, yes, I want to see, Colleen!

    Ahhhh yes you can get vintage style, old recipe made sodas Ally...

    There is a store here in so CA, on old Route 66:

    Order online. =)

  7. Suh-weet. Bet those would make cool earrings... Love your collection, Miss...

  8. Very, very fabulous! Thanks for sharing- the Ritz ones jump out at me, too. I don't have any soda related collections. Thank God, because I collect ev*er*y*thing else :)

  9. If I didn't know you better, Miss Atomic Ranch, I'd think you were rubbing it in :P

    We have a few grocery stores here that sell real bottled soda pop (besides the "designer pop" or whatever it is that they call it to sell to people more sophisticated than I ever hope to be!). There's several flavors of Frostie (yum!), and Sioux City Cream Soda, and in the ethnic isle there's the Mex version of Coke and Taqueria... it's very sweet!

    I've got my ever diminishing collection of vintage pop bottles from my Grandma's house. I used to keep these in the fridge filled w/ colored water until one night it got too cold and froze until the bottles busted... Live and learn *sigh*

    My fave pop as a kid was Tru Treat, which was a lot like Squirt w/ Mt. Dew. My family were diehard Coke drinkers... and I collected every bottle cap I laid my hands on.... I'm running off with my happy little fingers again, aren't I??? :D

  10. Ha ha jennie, seems like I have a little something of everything too. And if I see someone else with something I don't have, then I want it too...

    lol rubbing in my collection of soda pop caps? All 15 of them? Har!

    I used to drink a soda called Simba, and much like the lion cartoon show with the same name that showed on TV around the same time Speed Racer used to show, the soda had a lion pictured on the bottle.

    It was a sort of lemon Sprite type drink. Very good. =)

  11. And look at that. There is a bottle of Simba for sale on eBay. =)

  12. When I was in Cub Scouts, c. 1969, we made a "craft" by plastering pop tops to a square piece of wood. It may have been for Mother's Day.

    (In college I moved on to pull tabs.)

  13. very cool, buena onda, I have some caps from around the world, love it,