Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vintage Cigar Box Toy Stash

Thanks to both my friends Maggi over at circle72099 and Space Commander over at Atomic Living for their inspiration, it got me to thinking about my own old cigar box stash of special kid stuff.

Two wooden reticulated cat puppets Mom bought me, and a chenille cat and a flocked bunny similar to one I saw sell for around $20 on eBay.

The second wooden puppet cat came along when I lost my first cat and went nuts, because I attached to my toys in a big way. So Mom, trying to make it right, went and bought a second one.

But smart me, I knew it was an impostor! Impostor on left, I can still tell the difference.

Luckily I found the first one, and now they each had a friend.

Whew, kid crisis averted!

I'm sure Mom got me the other cat and bunny. Love you Mom, you were always getting me little things to play with.

Sometime back then, I had some vintage cloth and old lace I decorated the box with, because being a GIRL I didn't want it to look like a stinky old cigar box lol...

But because these were so special to me at the time, I made them their own special hiding place away from my hulking brothers and their dirty fingers.

Dig out your stash of kid goodies in your old cigar boxes and share them too!