Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You Darlene!

Wow! I love this!

A huge thank you to Darlene over at The Thinking Womans Stoop aka Vintage Notions and Whatnot for her amazing drawing of my parents. You can see the original photo at the right of my blog.

She did an amazing job! Such talent!

Go check out her blog, follow and converse! She posts great vintage goodies, but what's also very cool is she encourages discussions.

For those of you who appreciate exploring ideas and conversations and such, (which I do), go check it out!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. When I was a kid, whenever I would get excited, I would squeal, "Ya-hoo, Mountain Dew! Smoke a pipe and eat my shoe!"

    So, yahoo! Miss, I am thrilled to pieces that you love it. LOL, you can see I spared no expense on the legal pad that I drew it on, but still. I looooooove that pic of your folks. So beautiful they are!

    Thank you for the plug, and as an artist, plugs are golden. But... I'd rather think of this plug as a picked daisy in my vase...a token of friendship, no ego stroke involved. So....with that in mind, thank you, Miss, for the daisy!

    Yay! Happy times!

  2. Ha haha... You deserve the plug.

    I remember doodling all over notebook paper in grade school as I daydreamed the day away. That's what this reminds me of.

    Then blank books came out about the time I was in high school, and we gals all got one, and a set of colored pens, and would write down the names of the young men we were smitten with, embellished with all sorts of flowers and such.

    Good times. =)

  3. Ah!!! The names of those we were smitten with--happened in my day too. Except being the unpopular kid- if anyone saw their names on my notebook, they'd make fun of me. Ah, kids...

    :) Yay! Just yay!

  4. Hey, those days are long gone, for me, anyways. But I still have those silly crushes. ;)

  5. Crickets, man... What gives? Sheesh, evidently I'm a thread killer. ;)

  6. Nah, they are running over to your blog to read and join. =)

  7. Hey! No-I finally got my grandkids and son here, went out to eat for his birthday etc... and have been away from the computer! Love the drawing! Zootsuitmama

  8. You know you're loved in Blogland when a complete stranger takes the time to create an original work of art just for you! That was really sweet of Darlene. I love her blog, too.