Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soda We Used To Drink As Kids - Simba Soda Pop

OK, so over at my buddy Space Commanders Atomic Living blog, he did a post about soda, after I did my post about soda bottle caps, after he did a post about cigar box treasures, and I showed my cigar boxes with my soda cap collection on top of my basket full of cigar boxes.

Confused yet?

At any rate, this got me to thinking about the brands I remember as a kid. Dr Pepper was a favorite. I'm even old enough to remember when A&W Root Beer had a drive up restaurant and the waitresses rode around on roller skates and took your order from your parked car window, and the food was brought over on trays that hooked to the side of the open window of your car. Yes, I am that old!

And this is one of the sodas I used to drink as a kid. I don't think I was a "little" kid, because these came out after a show they did called "Kimba the Lion", and yes, I do believe Disney grabbed their idea from this original show, that used to air about the same time the old Speed Racer cartoons aired. And so this was more of a older kid drink for me. I think lol...

So Space Commander posted a photo of his favorite kid drink, and I went looking on eBay for mine. My usual old fashioned soda shop, Galcos Sodas doesn't carry these... Looks like they no longer make them. Too bad!

But I can buy an empty bottle on eBay. Hmmm, $16 total for a soda pop bottle? Not sure about that.

But, since I was too lazy to take photos of the very early Disneyland Anaheim photos my folks took of the park right before it opened, I decided to be lazy and grab photos from eBay instead and do this post first lol...

OK my friends, what kinds of soda, soda pop, or pop, or coke did you drink as a kid? And do you remember when they all came in glass bottles and you had to open them with a bottle opener like me? =D