Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rounding Out A Collection - The Details

This Eames wall shelf shadow box decoration thing (is there a name for it?) is cool, but at $75 Buy It Now and $26 s/h, I'll pass.

If you want it, grab it HERE.

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my mid-century items. I think that's half the fun of buying: getting a good deal.

Oh sure, some things we have to pay extra for. The perfect couch, just the right chairs. But a whole lot of other things we can find for cheap.

My space room/office is one room I just don't want to pay a lot of money to decorate. I'd love to, but my budget is limited. And if I am going to splurge, that's what the living room and master bedroom are for. In my opinion.

But there are a lot of details you can buy very inexpensively to fill a room and it's style or theme. And that's what I do. Buy inexpensive things to round out a "look".

Like these 1950's and early 1960's Life magazines about the Space Race.

And this cool space theme covered booklet of tattoos. Awesome!

OK, so a mouse nibbled on the lower left corner, but for $0.99, how can you resist these super cool 1950's graphics?

And this vintage brass airplane mobile.

OK, OK, so it's advertised as a "wind chine". But hang it inside a room and it becomes a "mobile". Mobile sounds more masculine than "wind chime" lol...

What sorts of smaller, more affordable items to you need to buy to fill out your collection?


  1. What great "trinkets" you have. I so adore these types of goodies, but my problem is storing/displaying them. I need an enormous house with lot's of display areas to showcase all the cool stuff I have also collected over the years...hmmm. For now, I will stick with my cute little one and just shuffle stuff around. It keeps life exciting!

  2. LOL at mobile masculinity. Hahah... chortle...

    Smaller cheaper items for me would be old paperback books! And the more racy the cover, the better! Woohoo! You know that book shelf in my living area, yah? Well....books are the move. I LOVE juvenile delinquent fiction. (What's that about?)

    The atomic shelf whatsit is pretty cool. 75.00 is pretty standard, although, I personally feel guilty about buying it. LOL. So there ya go.

    Morning miss!

  3. I can't wait to see this space room completed but something tells me it will never be truly completed - you're gonna be adding and adding to the end :)

  4. My thrifty decorating includes framing pages from a vintage pin-up calendar.. so much cheaper than buying prints! I'm also planning to buy cheap vintage glassware from thrift stores to round out a collection I've started

  5. You are 100% on the mark!!! Expensive furniture is boring if there aren't any details to go with it, and these can be had cheap :D

    Great Finds!!!

    You already know I also like the space toys, and vintage toys in general. Already have Dad's cameras and art the equipment. I started collecting more camping equipment last year because I keep running across deals I don't want to pass up! And the books! I always pick up vintage SF/space related books, paperbacks, pulps and digests... Okay I'll stop there for now LoL

  6. FW: Too bad display space is limited, isn't it? Of course, that's why I have 6 shelves in my Studio... For the overflow. =)

    My house doesn't feel right unless it has a masculine/feminine balance. Sounds strange, I know, but most my friends are men, so I don't want them to walk into a pink explosion every time they drop by lol...

    Half the rooms are more masculine, half more feminine. =)

    I think you are right, MoonDoggie lol...

    jille, I do that too. =)

    Space commander:
    Ahhhh yes, camping gear collection. Yes, have some of that as well. I mean, we all need a vintage cooler stuffed with vintage style soda pop bottles in glass bottles, right? There's a store that sells the old style soda in the old style bottles in my area. You know I had to go plunk down some green for an assortment of those to put in my cooler!

  7. Oh my goodness! I have GOT to get an actual tattoo like the one of the cowboy on the horse! I was going to get "Flaming Liberal" tattooed on my left leg but I really think the retro cowboy would look sooooo cool! Now I just have to find a tattooist who can freehand the back end of the horse! Could you email me a pic of that tattoo with more close-up--maybe I can just doodle the rest of it myself. What kind of a sound does that "mobile/wind chime" make? Seems it would be sort of clunk clunk clunk rather than ringy dingy dingy! And did Darlene actually buy that wall shelf shadow box decoration thing??????

  8. Hahaha Christine! You always have the funniest things to say lol....

  9. Great stuff! I'm new here and look forward to your posts! I love the content and remember some of it too.

  10. ah if only we could get things like this in the UK even for $75 that would be an enormously cheap find but of course, no one would ever ship something like this to the UK, well not for less that the cost of a mortgage!!

    I envy all your cheap finds, although I have actually bought a couple of things for 99p lately from UK ebay, which is unheard of!

  11. I know there are services that will arrange to send things sold on eBay US from sellers who only sell within the US, to other places in the world, but it's not cheap. =(

  12. The wind chime is cool, looks like a mama plane and her babies! I used to collect the enamel flower pins from the 60's, I could find them for so cheap! I have way too many now, and its okay because they have gotten more expensive! Maybe its time for me to sell!