Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Atomic 1950's Lamp - One Thing Went Right!

Well, one thing went right. The pink and white two tiered shade arrived, undamaged, and looks like it was made for the lamp I intended it for.

Anyone else have trouble getting these lampshades to "sit" evenly? They all seem to tilt a bit. The ones that clip on the bulb are easy enough to adjust, but the one's that fit on a lamp harp and use a finial seem to need little folds of paper, just the right thickness jammed between the finial and the shade hole to keep them from tilting one way or another.

On another note, Chris, my 1950's Atomic Ranch House cat seems to love that damaged box the crushed shade arrived in. The one I almost threw out, but grabbed just before the trash truck came along, when I got that not so nice note about a return demand.

One more round of advice from all of you:

I posted about this on the eBay Packing and Shipping board.

The consensus is this:

Once I opened a "case" with eBay, and she refunded, and the case was closed, she has no recourse to do anything about demanding the return of the crushed shade.

Also, I can ignore her.

I thought about offering to return it, IF she sends me the cost first, but then I realized:

The post office probably would not accept a damaged box, even if it's a return.

So I'd have to go find another box, which would likely weigh more, and be out time and money for additional weight (even if she did send me money to return the shade).

Your thoughts?



  1. That shade is a perfect match for your lamp... you made a GREAT choice!!!

    And I'm relieved to hear that ebay is backing you up on the crushed lamp case. Maybe there's a few things that turn out right in this world after all ;P

    Give Mr. Atomic Ranch Cat some catnip for me!

  2. The lamp looks small in the photo, but it's a biggie. In the master bedroom it will go, but I really need to have all of these rewired. =O

    Chris says "hiya", he often lounges in front of my computer while I slave away lol... Visiting hours and all that. =)

    Congrats again on that f-a-b Sputnik lamp!!

  3. gosh they look like they were made for each other, fab!

  4. That lamp along with shade go PERFECT together it was a match made in vintage heaven!
    Now we know why the first one got crushed.. because there was something so much better for that lamp. ;) *hehe* yea I know not funny.

  5. lol That shade was for a different lamp... booo...

    Ya know, I've been buying the small bedside type table lamps, but when I decided the living room needed some big lamps, and made the purchases, I realized how much I love the bigger lamps...

    Too bad it's such a hassle to get them shaded!

  6. At least your cat likes the box! They are easy to please though. I use tin foil to adjust the lamp shades. You can crinkle and squish it until it fits just right, and no fire hazard! The pink lamp and shade look fab!

  7. The lamp and shade are beautiful! They even match your blog background, he he. I find almost all vintage lampshades sit at an angle, no matter what kind of lamp it is.

  8. That lamp/shade look fantastic together!

    I'm glad you got satisfaction with eBay. I'd just let it go. Don't make contact with her again, don't respond to any emails she sends. It's over and done and the shade is ruined anyway.

  9. The lamp and shade looks awesome, but I'm such a kitty lover that I must say Chris got me, "awwwing" a bit more than the lamp. Kitty's a bit of an eye-candy distraction, but I mean that in a good way :)

  10. Oooo, Miss. I love this lamp. This shade rocks! Sometimes when life gives us lemons, we must find the sugar in it and make lemonade. So.... ignoring that crappy cardboard box seller is I think the best policy. Let that one go in your wake, so to speak.

    Hugs and love, pink lamp mama!

  11. Oh my gosh - this lamp and shade is so beautiful. What a one of a kind original piece. I just LOVE IT!!!

  12. Ooh, that shade is fabulous! I think the shade and lamp are long lost lovers. They look made for each other. Dying with envy over here!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  13. Glad it got there. It's really great with the lamp! Sometimes I try to bend the metal a little, but have to be really careful! Seems they never sit perfectly straight

  14. She only wants the shade back because she is a botch...I mean, what the hell is she going to do with in its currenty condition? Just ignore her...
    The new pink shade is perfect for your lamp. See...sometimes the stars DO line up :-)