Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh The Drama!

Have not heard from my chair seller in a week. =( I intended to have them picked up this weekend for sure, emailed twice. So far, no response.

Drama, drama.

This arrived:

But it's a little thing! I didn't realize it was so small!

Some days it seems our lives are filled with drama. I think part of the charm of a vintage lifestyle is the idea of less drama.

When I experience drama, I sit back, play good music, and take a deep breath. I pick up a vintage magazine, admire all the wonderful vintage things I have already, or pop in a beloved old movie.

Most of our daily drama is the small stuff. Things usually work out anyways, don't they?

We can't stop occasional drama from happening, but what we CAN do is choose how we respond to it. Or choose not to respond at all.

Mom survived the Great Depression. My best friends parents survived the Holocaust. All I have to do when I feel life is being unfair is to remember:

If they survived, I can too!

My best friend, who has been a chat board moderator for years once asked his Mom while we were on a 3-way call with her:

Mom, which would you rather experience? Someone being rude to you on a chat board, or the Warsaw Ghetto?

She laughed and replied: Rude people, of course!

It's all in the perspective.

So the next time you experience drama, or rude people, take a deep breath, it will likely work out, or understand it's all about them, not you, and choose not to be caught up in it!

This life lesson brought to you by 1950's Atomic Ranch House.

I hope you all have a drama-free day!



  1. For some reason I was hearing a John Philip Sousa orchestral accompaniment when I read your post. Argh about the chair dilemma. (horns blow)

    And the lampshade- I'd be a bit frosted about it... but I think you're handling it like a champ! (drums and tambourines)

    And yah, you're right about the other stuff too. Life has taught you a lot of things, and I think part of my personal attraction to the vintage life is that I am definitely looking to my elders more for guidance, style, philosophical orientation... there's a wealth of knowledge out there.

    Hugs from Chi-town!

  2. What's up with eBay sellers anyway? So I tried contacting mine about the sputnik light to simply ask if it'd ever been sent off, yanno? Because it's paid for and I would kind of appreciate it if they'd go to the trouble of mailing it to me sometime... and no response.

    *taking deep breathes*

    *counting 1..2..3...*

    I'm smiling on the outside, but on the inside I still wanna smack somebody! :D

  3. I hope it all works out! Take it slow like Doris day sang "que serra, serra" and if all else fails file a claim and get your money back from the seller :)

  4. Thanks, Darlene. =D All in stride, but even I have to remind myself sometimes. ;)

    Ohhh boy, Space Commander. I'd be sooper dooper anxious about that lamp! Has the seller clicked on the "Item Has Been Shipped" dealie in your buying area? Know what I mean?

  5. I've really cut down on how much eBaying I do...sick of poorly packaged stuff or misrepresented items...I just wait for them to show up locally now (most of the time).

  6. Very true, Mick!!

    I'd love to buy locally Michael, but anything local is super expensive. Seems to be a shortage of real cool mid-century stuff around here, even in antique shops. Craigslist is a joke. All the crud from Wal Mart they couldn't sell at yard sales.

  7. A.R. Lady... no they haven't clicked "shipped," it seems half of the sellers don't even bother to...

    Craigslist is exactly the same deal here too. The shops are more expensive, but they are the only way to go if you're serious about actually finding anything worthwhile.

  8. I have never bought big things on e-bay...mostly a few vintage dresses and sewing patterns. I have been blessed and NEVER had an ounce of trouble. Sending you some e-bay angels to smooth the way.

  9. I hope you get those chairs. They are perfect! Great advice too. It's hard to keep things in perspective unless you have something to remind you once in awhile. :)

  10. There's "real life" drama... Then there's eBay drama... Then there's blogger drama? Who knew? lol....

  11. Wow, you found those chairs on ebay>? What are they called? I love them! Hope you get them soon!

  12. I'm sorry you are going through this drama with eBay and whatnot. :(


  13. Hiya Ally, no worries. ;) it's all in the perspective.

    Barbara, I call them Atomic chairs lol, not sure if they have a name. =)

  14. Hey problems aren't big problems until they are yours... or something like that! Sometimes it's the smaller things that make us nuts. Good luck on the groovy chairs! Zootsuitmama

  15. I know what you mean there is ebay drama, but then there's real life stuff, although ebay drama sure feels big sometimes! Hope you get it sorted!

  16. I'm just now coming out of my annual eBay spendfest--the Fenton glass debacle has worked itself out, other items have arrived intact, but I've got my fingers crossed about the huge Westmoreland Glass urn and a bunch of stuff I bought the other day (more Fenton & Westmoreland--I made offers on everything and they accepted). Unless you're superduper lucky the days of finding stuff cheap are pretty much over--even the yard salers chirp up with, "Oh, that's depression glass, that's why it's more expensive." Half the time it's NOT depression glass and even if it is it shouldn't be expensive but every tom dick & harry uses eBay as their pricing source. I hope you get those chairs soon cuz they are so awesome!

  17. Hiya zoot and STM, I tell my friends: You can't stop the drama from coming your way, but you can CHOOSE how to respond ;)

    Yeah, I do hear "depression glass" used a lot lol... Still not sure exactly what that means (glass is not my forte`)