Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh The Drama!

Have not heard from my chair seller in a week. =( I intended to have them picked up this weekend for sure, emailed twice. So far, no response.

Drama, drama.

This arrived:

But it's a little thing! I didn't realize it was so small!

Some days it seems our lives are filled with drama. I think part of the charm of a vintage lifestyle is the idea of less drama.

When I experience drama, I sit back, play good music, and take a deep breath. I pick up a vintage magazine, admire all the wonderful vintage things I have already, or pop in a beloved old movie.

Most of our daily drama is the small stuff. Things usually work out anyways, don't they?

We can't stop occasional drama from happening, but what we CAN do is choose how we respond to it. Or choose not to respond at all.

Mom survived the Great Depression. My best friends parents survived the Holocaust. All I have to do when I feel life is being unfair is to remember:

If they survived, I can too!

My best friend, who has been a chat board moderator for years once asked his Mom while we were on a 3-way call with her:

Mom, which would you rather experience? Someone being rude to you on a chat board, or the Warsaw Ghetto?

She laughed and replied: Rude people, of course!

It's all in the perspective.

So the next time you experience drama, or rude people, take a deep breath, it will likely work out, or understand it's all about them, not you, and choose not to be caught up in it!

This life lesson brought to you by 1950's Atomic Ranch House.

I hope you all have a drama-free day!